Obsidian should not be so "useless"


The last few days I was farming gold and ash (mostly ash) at the vulcano and as making obsidian bars itself is just annoying as hell (the forge with its opening where you die and that damn fight around the forge, but the most frustrating part is to waiting time…), I never bothered to take any obsidian with home. Because why? I already have obsidian tools and >200 bars. I always use the master repair kit (3 hardened steel bars) to fix them 3/4 and now with the black blood tools, why should anyone bother with obsidian?

Is it really intended, that people throw most of the obsidian ores away, because you need ash/gold and for that you farm obsidian?

Could you make something else out of the obsidian ores? Glas? Tinted glas? Jewels? Lamps? So “deco” stuff?


There really should be another use for obsidian since this post makes the exact point that it is useless. Even star metal farming becomes a bit unnecessary after a point.

We need a reason to get this stuff. Obsidian tools and weapons just aren’t enough of one.


Those (star metal/obsidian) should be included in most of the epic versions of the crafts that would give a lot more value to those annoying to craft obsidian ingots.

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Star metal is already in many armor and other stuff needed.
The new armor also needs obsidian…

But I want todo sth besides armor or weapon with it. Like I said, use it for decoration stuff or tinted glas or sth.

They should also cut the forging time in half at such banks (or you could place a smelter in it, to make things faster)…
Last time I crafted some stuff at the frost Smitty, which had a total crafting time of 1 HOUR!! At least I found out, that you can jump (left and right) to a little higher gap and when you dont move, you dont aggro the frostgiants. So I only needed to kill them 2 times…
Was cleaning the flat while waiting, because the white dragon does not give a dragon head and therefore I didnt bother to kill him again (was pretty sad about that, after the first time I killed him).

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They should make an epic Skelos or serpent-man armor set with heat resistance and similar stats to Darfari epic. It should use the obsidian bars to make them.

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obsidian arrows SHOULD use ore not bars.

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Obsidian is the sloughing fluid of the mining resources. No reason.

Agreed with Ranson. If arrows took ore and not bars we could be getting better returns.

I’ll be honest. When I started over I have not nor feel the need to unlock obsidian tools.

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I would love to see a new Volcano style T3 building pieces, requiring Obsidian, just like northern T3 requires Black ice

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I’d like to be able to use dragonbones, starmetal bars and composite obsidian to build.

Tons of them, almost useless at the moment :frowning_face:

The truth is iron and steel are still useful at high level, not the metals supposed to be the best ones… :confused:

I would love to build with this stuff. Perhaps T4 with obsidian and star metal reinforcements.

What I would really like is to restore obsidian weapons to their former glory. Whether damage wise or through bonus stats while weilding them. Maybe temporary boost to speed or invulnerability.
They are some of the coolest looking weapons in the game… Well… They look pretty good on the wall at least.

It would be a sight to see that blue glow of the star metal on a building.



Can any tools break Star Metal shells without explosives? If not, why not just give that ability to obsidian tools?

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We just had a patch so, who knows? at one time the answer was yes, then no, maybe yes again? But that is a good idea because I don’t enjoy the idea of making dragonpowder to mine star metal so much that I actually use orbs for it.

Agreed. There’s really no reason to go through the hassle. They should increase / add drops for composite obsidian and star metal ore / bars. Not to mention that on single player, the meteor showers have been broken since forever ago because of how the “spawn” mechanic and AI LoD system works, but that’s a whole different topic.

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