Obisian Bars kills obsidian Weapons and Tools


The fact that we have to make composite obsidian bars in the volcano is the worst idea ever. First of all, we have to carry steel bars just to make obsidian bars which are a pain in the ■■■. And then you have to carry all those bars back to your own blacksmith and craft the items for an insane amount of resources. This makes them totally worthless and time-consuming since I need more composite obsidian to simply repair them. It’s much easier to do black ice weapons and pickaxe, heck… even star metal is way better than this. You should fix this by making obsidian bars at the blacksmith and the weapons should only be created at the volcano smith like it was before. The tools, like pickaxe, hatchet, cleaver and skinning knife, should be made at the home base as they are more commonly used. Other than this, most of the other changes are welcome!


Well in that case dont use obsian weapons and tools. Problem solved. harvested amount is just a minor upgrade to some other high level tools… not a big deal if they made best tools even harder to get. n fact i believe this is how it should be with some other items as well.


This is not hard to get, this is frustrating to get! There should be a logical flow when making items, where the risk weights the reward. In this case going with steel bars and obsidian on you to the forge simply makes the risk way higher than the reward as the weapons and tools are not really the best in the game. Sure, I can avoid obsidian altogether, but then why implement something in the game that very few people will consider using?


And considering acheronian pick is same yield as obsidian, why would you ever make an obsidian pick now for harvesting? Hardened steel is easier to make for the repairs than the composit obsidian. I agree, the tweak to obsidian was a little harsh. They were too easy and cheap, but this went overboard. Really, any top tier should have pros/cons to allow the player options. Right now, I dont see any pros to going with obsidian or black ice tools or weapons.


Apart from having to go to the volvano to have the recipe, the big drawback of Obsidian was that it loses durability a lot faster than other tools, that was okay. But now its a bit too much. Back to hardened steel then because indeed, Obsidian tools arent worth it with this change. They are just tools, you know.


To be honest, a simple change to severely increase durability would offset the other issues, even if they left it the same as it is now (crafting method)…because frustrating or not the durability could be amazing to offset this. The first thing that you have to consider when making a change to a game item is if it deters the majority, if not all, from using it then you wasted your time creating it and anything else you do to it is moot. You want people to use the items in the game not ignore them because the progression doesn’t make sense.