More Starmetal Uses

Will we ever see any expansion on what star metal can do? Maybe Star Metal building pieces.

I’m sitting here today looking at a field of meteors thinking dam this at one time used to be something to get excited about.

I have a whole chest full of star metal bars/ore that have been sitting for almost a year because they have become useless in my case. Seeing 5-6 meteors on the ground as a new player was the best moment thinking you were the first of the day to find them.


I honestly would like to see them used for building pieces or things like that too. Though a t4 building would be pretty indestructible. Maybe fuse them with crystal to make certain types of glass that is clear or something similar. Grind to dust for alchemy maybe, it’s a shame it’s only mostly the pinnacle for tools and armors / weapons. Statues maybe that grant a bonus for yourself in base that lasts a while or something like that within a certain radius.

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Obsidian the same… I even need more Starmetal in my playstyle, than obsidian.

I always found it odd that we have glass already in the game but cant make windows.

Love all you ideas the star metal tools and weapons have been out shined by so many other items that the whole catalog is for glamor only now.

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I feel it would be nice to have some star metal building pieces. I would also like if if we could use it to create some star metal Crom Weapons. It comes from Crom after all, so why allow us to fashion it into a tribute to him.

For CROM!! :mountain_snow: :metal:

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hmmmmm…I like this. Maybe some sort of special structure, that acts like an altar, but gives thralls/pets bonus when inside it. Maybe 5 different ones of them…1 for Vit, 1 for Str, 1 for Acc, 1 for AGI, 1 for survival. Adds like a 15% increase in the thrall stat, and player stat. Area the same as the inner bubble of altar, about 3/4 the size of altars. Fuel is something simple to sacrifice. VIT=Aloe , Str=Stone,Acc=wood,AGI=hide, and Surv=plant fibers. Just spitting an idea out.Maybe it is learned in the Yag-Kosha Dungeon.

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I would say for this maybe a star metal statue of each god that is actually very large something about the size of an altar. If placed near the actual shrine of worship it would give the bonus and you could make offerings to the gods, as far as the dungeons, maybe learn them in a dungeon or heavily guarded camp dedicated to each god, more rp with religion would be fun since we’re technically in ancient times it would be nice to actually be able to pretend to be very zealous.

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