Finally a SUCCESSFULL starmetal hunt

I’m glad funcom has corrected the starmetal issue with this last hotfix.
i was kinda missing this kind of picture

i know some will tell me i am never happy but still:

Now you just have to make starmetal worth the effortand worth its rarity” and evrything will be fine :sunglasses:

it has been already discussed in other previous threads, so i just want to repeat it again: please make starmetal at least equal to end game weaponry like obsidian.

because now i’m just going starmetal hunting for fun, or to equip my thralls in the desert biome.


I have to agree starmetal should be the endgame material. Maybe add it to obsidian recipes?

I agree… I really like hunting meteors and cracking them open (even if they frustrate me a little from time to time :stuck_out_tongue: )

And yeah, I agree… I also think Starmetal should be at least one of the end game tiers for weapons. As it is, you only need it for making a couple of fridge boxes and perhaps if you like an armor that requires it… and not much more.

IMHO Flawless Starmetal should be at the level of dragonbone (even then, I’d personally still have to use dragonbone since starmetal doesn’t have war axes :sob: )


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