Star metal Building Materials

I would love to see a variation of building materials that used say Star Metal reinforcements. Especially with the new high rate of harvest from Star Metal nodes. It would be cool if it was like the weapons where each piece had a glowing blue diamond on it. It could be tier 3 or even make it a tier 4. The Star Metal reinforcements could require a purge blacksmith to craft making it more rare to craft. I think this has been brought up before but I wanted to revisit the idea since the newest update was dropped. What does everyone think?


I’d go with blue crystal formations as walls, or fence/wall spikes. Blue tiled roofing.
Maybe to much blue…

I like it

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I was thinking something more along the lines of black ice with blue diamond signifying that it was star metal. Could almost go for something opposite of aquilonian. Black with light blue instead of white with dark blue. Plus the additional HP because it’s star metal reinforcements. Additionally there are the bits of black ice that poke out of the roof, fences and some wall pieces that could be blue color as well.

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Theoretically sound idea.

Are you saying that the reason I haven’t seen a meteor shower yet is not because my base isn’t exactly on that part of the world, but because I play Solo/Coop? Are you saying that this phenomena is Official only?

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I would usually use an expression like “by [insert your deity here]'s, that’s…” to play the part and in general to have fun, immersing myself into a role, but this revelation ain’t fun. It ain’t worth it.

Why would someone code seriously the most important part of their single incentive this way and willingly?

I’m gonna go to bed…

I play solo. I’m hardly spending endless hours playing the game. And I feel like I have an everlasting supply of starmetal simply because once upon a time I built a base near the Mounds of the Dead and spent some time there, so I managed to witness several meteor showers. I didn’t even go and harvest all of them, but the three or four I did got me more than enough star metal.

In fact, that’s exactly why I’d love to see more use for the stuff, beyond making pretty bracers and boots for my Stygian thralls. I don’t play with any friends, so I’m just hoarding all that shiny, pretty blue stuff in a box in my Castle Grimdark.

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I’ve never seen the meteors and I play offline. I know in theory where they should be and have spent ages trying to trigger them, but nope.

I play mostly offline, Its about every 20mins or so. Form Obelisk, (usually on teleporting to area)

I’ll see one to south (1 of several spots) which ether means i get lucky, or have make a long haul south.

Few spots to west and south. Skyfall ridgel isn’t to bad ether, by time i get up mountain a few of fallen.
Sometimes i don’t even have bases up there. You can seem them fall from decent amount away, (you wont hear it, when its way out there)often times, its just to far out, they’ll despawn by time get them.

I would suggest going skyfall ridge and roam about, or frozen slopes. Theres a few safe spots chill, If you stay south of fields (south of obelisk) Your bound to see one of many spots they fall. You can see several fall fairly far south, but do to packs of enemies grouped up, may not get a chance.

Skyfall ridge is basiclly 1 drop zone on mountain, along paths, But you get a great vanatge point to see others to west and northwest.

frozen slopes, is another spot, (on upper ledges) looking south and wait and see.

I personally think start metal being meteors should fall all across the map not just in the north even if it’s not as common

players who live in the these areas decided to live there by themself.

but i down want to star metal buildings to be the only ones t4 blocks, make it t3

star metal is mined very, very much in one meteorite, and it is very close to them to walk from the obelisk with the forge of the Ymir. theres no problems with star metal reinforsements if one foundation will require as many star metal reinforcements as steel is needed now or less by 1, because then the big clans, who decided to build from this material can greatly interfere with all other players

in the jungle you can’t get star metal, black ice, brimstone is only +1 from piece underwater, there is very little iron, but some people still lives there and use star metal tools instead of stone, which you can get in the jungle without problems >w> use maproom

This might be a bit siderailing, but maybe add an option to tweak the location of the meteor shower as well as the timing and scale? :thinking:

i didnt mention single mode problems with meteors

and yes, if you want live in the jungle you need to teleport or walk for get resources which are only in some areas on the map

@Shadoza with your star metal problem you could try building something in the area that requires you to spent time there (sabre-tooth farm?) this might allow the meteors time to spawn.

Good idea but I could already see people blocking off potential star metal drop locations to hoard the resources for themselves. If they were to implement star metal building materials, I suggest that star metal drop locations be completely random except for maybe very noob areas.

its not a topic about meteors in single player doesnt fall if you are not in this area, create a topic about it if you want the devs looking on this problem

alternatives for other biomes is the another question, make suggestion about it if you want see it in game

+1 this. I’d love to be able to make start metal building pieces.

Sorry, but just because you don’t want to go out to a specific location to harvest it doesn’t make a resource “not available”.

Yes, it’s a chore for a solo player. But it’s not like you need it to win the game. It’s an optional feature. If you want it, you go out and get some star metal. Just like black ice, or brimstone, or obsidian, or Relic Hunter Captains - some valuables don’t walk to you, you must go where they are.

@Shadoza please explain this to me: you renounced to build in black ice for the reason there is no black ice in your region ?

You can say to me black ice is not the only tier3 building material, but no ones suggested to add ONLY one t4 material here :wink:

I’d like to have starmetal as building material, but for example I’d like to have dragonbones too as building material :slightly_smiling_face: