Star metal meteor/ore in singleplayer

Hello! I’m playing Conan Exiles Isle of Siptah singleplayer for about a week and didn’t find any amount of star metal ore meteor. I was in the game for many hours in a row, went to Tower many times per game session. But if I play online it works correctly. Am I doing something wrong or this is known issue? I’m a bit stuck, because I need star metal ore in the end-game content and can’t craft anything now.


This is a known issue.
Star metal meteors are on a random timer. That timer is active all the time on a server. But in single player, the timer is only active when a player is in the immediate area. So if you aren’t standing around waiting in the area, the timer won’t trigger.

However, there are two workarounds.
One, if you have the Pippi mod installed and you make yourself the “Admin” of your single player server (both in the Conan Exiles menu and the Pippi menu), you can summon a meteor spawn with the /meteor command. And then play as normal.

Two, if you don’t have or don’t want the Pippi mod, in Admin mode you can spawn the appropriate amount of star metal ore or star metal bars and continue playing that way. It feels like cheating, but that’s about all you can besides putting your character somewhere and grabbing a book to read while you wait.

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Thank you very much for your reply. At what exact place do I need to stay to set the timer on? I was chilling in my house with dancers for about 10 hours and still nothing.

On the Isle of Siptah map, the meteors will spawn in The Barrens – that’s the area around the Dark Tower at the center of the map. The meteors have a chance to spawn AFTER a Maelstrom ends. So you need to be there for the timer to be active. How close to that spot, I don’t know – I never tested its range limits.

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Stand on the stone sides of the big gates into the barrens so that you are safe. Then make yourself Admin and type the ~ key. Enter Slomo 20. Time will run fast. Wait for the meteor storm. Then go back to slomo 1

Note: Bring lots of water and food. Do NOT move. you will probably die while in fast motion. Get out of there if the storm starts and you aren’t set up to farm ??? Don’t d o that at fast speed of course.


Meteors can fall at anytime the storm isn’t active. I dunno why this misconception that it falls after it ends is still around.

Didn’t used to be. Maybe that got patched and I didn’t notice. Thanks for the correction.

It works but its…not great.

I was able to get them to spawn in single player by turning off the storm and then loitering around the outer ring of the tower, south end. It took 2 game days for the meteor shower to happen. I mined a few nodes and then left, with a lot of meteors left untouched. Then I turned the storm back on, and quit the game. Next time I logged in all the meteors were gone! Not sure if the storm wiped them or the logout. Pretty irritating.

Given that, I’m not sure how you get Star Metal in SP in a “reasonable” fashion without tinkering with the settings to some extent.

It looks like they disappear when you leave meteor zone in SP (this is a feature of the game’s handling local game server in SP). So take a mount and some animal follower with 20 inventory slots with you to gather all that you can without leaving the place - or better use Pippi.

If you are interested in getting star-metal legit, bring two water-skins. Ideally you should enter the barrens as soon as possible after the maelstrom ends. This affords ample time for the event to trigger… provided you don’t leave. You may need to stay in the barrens for over an hour. Boring no? Guaranteed, yes.

Once the event triggers, harvest as much as desired but be prepared to leave. The maelstrom will begin soon. [Strike This] You can come back after the storm and harvest all remaining nodes. The star-metal nodes will remain for ~ 3 maelstrom events. I don’t know if they despawn if you exit the game. [/Strike This] Evidently FunCom fixed this in 2.1 but not the underlying spawn design flaw. :-1: :unamused: :roll_eyes: Got only 5 nodes before running out of space. :frowning_face: Wonder if I could bring a chest (leave it) and store the raw metal in that… :thinking:

You might have to make several goes at it. I tried exactly this and then got a shower on the second attempt. There has to be a way to have this happen in the background even if the player isn’t in the draw distance to the barrens. It would be a huge QOL improvement for single player games.

Agreed. While the current implementation works, it does so poorly, unacceptably.

The method needs to be reworked, at least for Solo/SP. Exiting the game should NOT reset the timer/counter/trigger. Whatever the mechanism is, it should also not reset just because you left the Barrens.

Go near the tower when storm is not active as suggested by others, make yourself admin, activate god mode just in case, press tilde key or insert key to get the command line and type /slomo 10. Wait. When you see them falling, press insert again and type /slomo 1 to resume the game at normal speed, remove god mode and go harvest.

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Yeah, I did this last time. It would be nice if they fixed it for single player. When I go to the tower and the barrens it would be fun to find the meteors already on the ground. It’s like a treasure hunt. I was a game programmer in a previous life, so I know that sometimes there are technical limitations. But if they could change this it would be nice. Lot’s of other higher priority fixes on their plate right now though.

Omg, it seems obtaining star metal in SP is really asspain. Thank you all for your advices, I will try it soon and report here my results.
I think the reason is Funcom wanted to make this ingredient really rare and interesting to hunt on. BUT. On the Siptah Map this is even not the end-content ingredient. The really end-content ingredient, if I understand correctly, is Eldarium, which I already had few stacks before I even reach 60 lvl. Why?)) This is ridiculous. Star metal meteor encounter should definitely be reworked in my opinion, at least for SP.

I haven’t gotten around to trying it for myself yet, but there is apparently one other legit way to get star metal on the Isle of Siptah. Amazingly, however, it’s perhaps even more impractical than hanging around the tower twiddling your thumbs between storms.

Build a convergence trap in the storm area. Put a stack or two of decaying eldarium in it. Wait for storm. Protect it throughout the storm. Pray that it created some star metal ore for you.

Obviously this requires significantly more resource investment than a handful of explosive orbs, not to mention you’ll have to commit yourself to doing battle in the storm for the duration.

I just managed to be able to do this. I have a Greater Sabertooth with 10 sigils and decent agility armor and a full stock of food. A Rhino with 6k hp and a star metal spear. I hung out on the cliff next to one of the western gates to the tower. Fought through the entire storm and almost had my sickle go out I was farming so much. 60 x2 ???. Next time I am going to build a convergence trap and try and defend it. Never got anything worse than those 1 skull spider things. Only one shot out that purple stuff that really stings.

Ok, I tested some of your solutions and finally now I have more than 20 stacks of star metal ore. That’s what I did:

  1. Waited until maelstrom starts;
  2. Took food, 5 water skins and came to Barrens;
  3. Found a little rock at I10 near the Tower, safe enough that monsters couldn’t get me there;
  4. Maelstrom ended and I kept staying on that rock;
  5. Just stayed on the place and waited;
  6. Meteor appeared after about 40-45 minutes;
  7. Happy :smiley:

Additionally checked:

  1. Star metal ore boulders are NOT disappear after next maelstrom;
  2. Star metal ore boulders DO disappear if exit the game.

I’m so glad I managed to get the ore without additional software and cheating.

Hope anyone who encountered the same trouble will find this useful and get his/her ore. Cheers!


It can surely work that way, but then it raises a question. On dedicated server- if there are no players, running around meteor trigger area in the North, BUT the meteor rain still triggers - what part of the game is responsible for running this “trigger”?

Yeah, but fighting IS more interesting then just standing still for 40 minutes. The only REAL problem is that convergence trap generates RANDOM resources - you might as well end up with the bunch of grubs and no star metal at all :sweat_smile:

@Coffee4pm Just to clarify, did you wait until the maelstrom began or ended? The only reason it matters is because of the potential danger.

In my most recent run, I too waited ~45m. But when I returned after the Maelstrom ended, all the ore was gone. :disappointed:

Also, how did you mark your post as a solution? I’ve been saying this, although perhaps not so clearly, since a previous thread of the same topic. I didn’t think anyone was listening.