Feedback: no meteor drop for star ore in singleplayer

I’m been playing on isle of siptah for 5 days straight and I’m still unable to find star ore or see any meteor fall down, i search the location for the meteor shower on the internet and i found out it at the middle of the map at the tower and im been chilling at there and still nothing.

im not sure if it a bug or im just stupid xD

im just wanna let you know :+1:


You’re not the only one, same thing here. Been playing long sessions and not a single maelstrom or star metal meteor has dropped so far.


Was going to create this topic if you hadn’t. :+1: I wanted to know if the lack of Star Metal was a solo play problem or if it was just me.

I’m level 60 and haven’t bothered to unlock Star Metal because it doesn’t exist. Been playing Siptah since the day after the release, at least for 70 hrs. Like PromisedOne, I too play long uninterrupted sessions.


Although i’ve not seen a rain of meteors, it would be hard for me to do so as the maelstrom runs for hours at a time on my single player game. real time hours.

I seem to get regular intervals of 30 minutes. 30 minute storms and 30 minute thrall tornadoes.

I’m experiencing the same thing. I’ve stayed in the barrens (middle of the map by tower) for hours with no meteor shower and no meteorites to mine. I’m also in single player game.
I’ve seen videos showing the star metal is in this location, and i understand that it is supposed to be here, but it is not. I’ve seen comments on youtube from other people experiencing the same problem.
Maybe this is a bug?


Yea, it’s a bummer. And it was a problem before in the Exiled Lands for me, as I like to play with an extended day cycle, and that just makes it worse. I noticed that having that long day in Siptah also messes up the storm/tornadoes cycle.

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Same issue in single player for me, too. The Maelstrom plays just fine. But no Star Metal meteorites afterwards. The Barrens are just that… barren.


So the problem is single player

In official if any one is in the area that the metal falls it will start a timer at that point you have % chance metal will fall in 30 minutes if it doesn’t the % of fall will increase in the next timers and so on which means if someone else was in the area the timer was already started thus it’s shorter time means easier to get

Now on single player you are a the only one which means that you will have to sit and wait and the timer will reset on log off and back in and if you leave the area but that % and time stays the same way in terms of how it works online

I one day decided to on exiles map stay up there and give it a long go after 8 hours I had around 10k or more but I build so much but
It is harder to get

Now I don’t know about isle but on exiles map you could use recycled bench to break down legendary weapons that are in world bosses that require skeleton key and get 10 from them but I don’t have dlc as I’m Xbox but that’s how it’s work on exiles map


If we could find Starmetall Weapons in chest or as loot. It would be another story dear FunCom

i do not think the Summon thralls has them wielded or?

(combined with the demolition bank)

Old Map Players knows what i mean

@Gloatingtomb6 Thank you.

I have made loops in the Barrens before but this time… was successful. I did an inner loop, looting and letting my thrall gain levels. Then I continued with an upper loop, still inside the walls. I was about to do it again but my thrall ran out of food. So we returned to a camp near the SW tower.

We headed back in, just to do a non-looting and non-leveling run. I did stop to check if the loot boxes had respawned, they did. It was about that time I heard a familiar sound. The sonic boom of meteors entering the atmosphere. I looked up to see their trails and where they impacted. Did I just get lucky or is this repeatable? :thinking: You could try a similar method but spending the majority of the storm down time inside the Barrens.

I started collecting as much star metal as I could, dropping much of the loot I had picked up to make room. Then the wind started kicking up. The storm would start soon. I was in the Barrens for at least 30 minutes. Or however long the period is between storms.

I mounted my horse and in my haste to leave, I ran off a cliff…

I so thought I was dead. Damn near. I managed to escape before the storm started and heal myself. I was able to gather 1690 star metal (hard metal pick w/adv upgrd) in a single player game.

[edit] I returned to the Barrens immediately after the storm, not completely prepared. My pick broke but I did manage to mine another 2314 star metal. I might have enuf now to last till the next meteor impacts. :grinning: [/edit]

Yes, there is at least one type of Summoned Surge Thralls that did wield starmetal weapons and carried star metal ore and smelted bars as loot. I think it was the North altar that brought them. Maybe North-East.

But yes, that is one method. But the meteorites don’t seem to be showing up in single player.

@Bodin Gloatingtomb6 provided details indicating Star Metal meteorites are spawning. I just confirmed his statement that they are… If you could try something similar it would help to determine if the method is repeatable.

Visiting the Barrens again, I have not yet been able to repeat @Gloatingtomb6’s report. I’ll keep checking. It could be a timing issue for single player.

Due note that running around may be a bad idea as say there is a circle that you have to be in to start the time but for ingame we don’t physically see the circle and running around randomly you may leave the circle by one foot step and reset the timer but the trigger radius may be acword in terms of shape thus you may get vary drops but if possible I will tag @hugo and

And @Ignasi to see if they can show a map area that it drops

Ps my first post would not let me tag both of you due to this stupid device lol thanks in advance

@Gloatingtomb6 If you suspect there is a set area then it would be impossible to know whether or not a player is even in the trigger area.

A Repeatable Method:
My aforementioned method worked for me and I repeated it today. I will attempt to clarify my method but the bottom line is to stay in the barrens from the conclusion of a storm until the meteor event is triggered… just before the next storm event begins.

Before I start I want to say I have been playing on and off (exit to desktop) all day. This morning I heard the tell tale sound of a meteor event but when I checked, there was no star metal impacts. Also, I had no thrall to level so I entered God mod and “walked”. This is boring but the results are Star Metal. I still haven’t completely smelted my first batch of metal so I left these meteors to despawn, especially since I was in God mode.

My Tedious Method:
The storm is ending. Stop what you’re doing and go to the Barrens right away.
Inner Loop
Upper Loop
Go to an outer tower camp

Inner Loop
Upper Loop
Go to an outer tower camp

Start Inner Loop
Star Metal Event. The storm will begin shortly so you must hurry.

The Loops:
The Inner loop is an inner circle around the base of the tower. There is a light grey rubble path and the main tower also has a corruption area to be avoided.

The Upper loop is still within the city gates and crater cliff wall. It is the upper ledge closest to the cliff wall.

The south wall of the tower has steps that lead to its entrance. South of that in the upper area is an obelisk, a lore stone and a couple of chests. In addition, the crater wall opens up to the cliff top plain. This area is a landmark used to identify complete loops.

The Meteor Impact Area:
The meteor impacts are scattered in the inner circle and the upper ledge. They also tend to bunch up on an upper plain (outside the city gates/cliff wall). Watch the event to determine which plain. I’ve only been there for two events but each time the most concentrated impact area was on a different upper plain.

They happen and they’re repeatable but you must invest your time. Hopefully now there should be some indication as to the amount of time involved, the areas I visited and the meteor locations.

You can probably change my method as desired. You could probably stand in a single spot, bored to tears, until the event triggered. Be careful to not walk away from your computer/console as the next storm event will begin soon. The community would certainly benefit if you could share your method or even variation of mine.

Happy mining! :grinning:

I suspect it works similarly to how it does in the Exiled Lands, which has a similar single player star metal shortage.

Basically, if you’re single player, in order to get any meteor storms you have to hang around in that general area for some time. Potentially hours. If you’re not in that area, the countdown for the storm won’t start. If you spent all your time down in the desert or jungle, you could be playing for 48 hours straight and when you go looking there won’t be a single meteor because the timer doesn’t start until you go there. And it resets every time you exit the game.

If this is the case in Isle of Siptah, then we just need to figure out what general area we need to set down the picnic basket in while we wait for the storm. That or Funcom needs to set up some way to speed things along for single player, like maybe have a storm trigger on server restart or something.


Found a much easier way for single player.

  1. Use Pippi mod.
  2. Make yourself Admin (both in-game menu and Pippi)
  3. Go the to Dark Tower
  4. Use the /meteor command (forces the meteor event).

Yes, you can wait around for hours to wait for it, but that’s just not fun. And yes, this method can be abused. You’ll just have to make yourself obey whatever “rule” you set for yourself. But its a huge time saver without having to spawn yourself star metal ore or star metal bars, to back to actually ‘playing’ the game.


Hold it right there. I think it’s preferable to everyone if we can maybe get a non-mod related solution to this issue.