Lets talk Meteorites

So for the past 3 days now (realtime not in-game) I have taken several expeditions to the centre in hopes of finding even a tiny scrap of Star Metal and as you may guess I’ve had nothing at all

When do these Meteors actually fall?!

The last few hours I’ve been logged on as I work in the background and everytime a storm ends I hop on my horse and bolt to the centre, run around all the dark/corrupted areas around the tower and the hills surrounding it and I see nothing on the ground, all the chests are untouched with loot still in them and have not seen anything drop from the sky at all, I even have a nice safe spot I can stand and just watch the entire area but again not one drop inbetween the storms

Back on Exiles I had a base in the frozen area and saw them all the time, usually trying to wipe my base out as it hid behind a statue :stuck_out_tongue:

Any clues on drop frequency or even a rough map as I’m sure I’m in the right areas?

Thanks :slight_smile:

They drop anywhere in the main part of the maelstrom dude. I believe they also have the same spawn rate/frequency as The Exiled Lands.

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I also spent hours looking for them. But so far I can tell you that they don’t just spawn during maelstrom. They spawn around the Tower at any time, and time intervals seems to be a bit random.

I dont know when they did this but they buffed the hell out of star metal node health… with star metal pick you can get like 250 star metal ore per node. It’s insane, and way too much imo.

Right above on the edge where silk is, spiders. Ride in right after the red storm.

Just an update to say its all solved now

I’m putting it down to busy servers for the recent launch and the usual Funcom bugs and glitches :smiley:

I saw the meteorites fall without the storm and next to the tower. A friend told me that he also saw them fall in the north east part of the island, between the dungeon of the snake men and the werewolves.

Thanks but as per my last message 6 days ago this is no longer an issue :slight_smile:

I have been travelling to the scarred crevasses that spread out from the Tower in the center of the map 4 times in the last 24 hours. I have not seen any nodes. We had a theory that they would drop after the maelstrom ended but this does not seem to be the case. Is there any definitive confirmation that they fall randomly?

We also had a theory that you would have to encounter at least one creature spawned by the lightening during the maelstrom to “activate” meteors to fall.

Well having been in the center mining other things when a meteor shower fell. I can tell you for sure they do not only occur during the maelstrom.

In fact, I have far better luck finding star metal when I don’t go in right after the storm.

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