Star Metal Meteors Are Still Not Falling

Game mode: [Offline | Singleplayer]
Problem: [ Bug ]
Region: [Here]

Im sorry to say this, but it looks like this issue is still persisting. My poor partner is level 60, and has now been playing the game, on and off, since it first launched back in May. Unfortunately, we have still not seen even a so much as a single Star Metal meteor appear on her game in that entire time. We have both spent days, even weeks of real world time taking turns roaming and waiting around in the Western half of the Frozen North, however still nothing. The strange thing is that I still seem to get a good amount of them, and were on the same ps4. I doubt its relevant to the issue, but Im just putting it out there for the record, that shes has also semi-regular crashes, however I experience next to none. My poor lady now has three T3 shrines, but cant make any top end weapons, as they require Star Metal. Any suggestions? If you need any further details, please just ask. Please help.

Ps- In the meantime, I will also ask the community if there are any tricks to increasing the odds of them appearing in her favor. A longshot maybe, but I have to try for her.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Play up to level 60
  2. Spend many hours scouring the Frozen North for meteors, but recieve none

Shamefully this is working as intended. All I know is I wish with admin controls you could set a max time it would have to force spawn.

How exactly? What’s the philosophy behind the design choice? :thinking:

I have this same problem, I am on my 2nd play through and I have never seen any star metal meteors, the only star metal I get is from looting chests or enemies and its never enough to really make anything, I received a star metal sword once as loot and barely had enough star metal to repair it, hopefully the next update will fix this, although for me its not a game breaker, I was lucky enough to get a legendary sword as loot so that helped a lot.

Same here, the haloween event back in the day was the only time I have seen meteors. I came across one once near the frost giant dungeon, but was not actively looking for them so had nothing to break it open with :man_facepalming:t2::sob:

This is most likely off-topic, but a second play thorough? Are you referring that this game actually has a story? :thinking:


The meteors spoken about are not story related are they?

well kind of, basically your main quest is to get the bracelet off and leave the exile lands, and of course to survive. The Archivist in the Unnamed city will tell you what you need to do, you need all but 1of the relics that were used to create the bracelets, they are not all easy to find and even harder to acquire from the owners, once you kill the current owner use your skinning knife on them and you’ll get the relic, also look around their lair and you’ll find those big black stone tablets, click on them and you can learn recipes to make weapons, armor and stuff. One of the them allows you to create Silent Legion armor, best armor in the game in my opinion.

No, star metal is not required but it is helpful if you don’t have a legendary weapon or armor

I got that impression as well. :joy:

Okay. :sweat_smile:

All the work hours of coding and brainstorming done and the metal is not even the best there is or anything special enough to motivate us… :laughing:

Does it have at least some application beyond the certain tier of weapons and tools? Like hypothetically speaking if Wrath-Amon comes as an endgame campaign boss, could we be able to fight him off with star metal imbued arsenal at least or something at least equally incentivising?

Honestly maybe in the future they will make it more necessary, but so far I have not used it at all, if they increase the need for it then they will have to fix the bug that prevents it from spawning and increase its availability. Although in order to gain some feats you need to at least know how to make star metal tools, so in that respect it is important, but I get star metal tools and weapons as loot, so I don’t actually have to make them.

Legendary weapons and armor are random boss drops, so getting the one you want or getting one at all can be very time consuming and frustrating. I got lucky with the drop I got.

I wouldn’t worry to much about ending the game, the ending cut scene is pretty lame, and once you get all the relics you need there is no end-game boss fight, I don’t think they really intended for anyone to actually finish the game by getting all the relics, lol

Bummer :joy:

I teleport to the obelisk outside dungeon and walk around there, I always find one right on the path going up to the dungeon and coming out from the obelisk turn right you see some trees I usually find 2 nodes within those trees look on the ridges to I have found a couple up there.

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That is exactly where I usually go on my profile too Prisoner-01. Out past the Frost Temple obelisk, down between the two huge statues, and overlooking the woods there. I have had great success and probably around a dozen Meteors in that area. However, despite countless trips there since May, still nothing on her profile. I am now convinced that there is some unseen factor of bug preventing them from spawning in.

Hi there Fable, and nice to finally make your acquaintance.

Well…kind of, it is needed for the following. It must be obtained to complete a Journey Step: ‘Ch8, Step 8: Harvest a Fallen Star for Ore’. It is also used to craft the Improved Preservation Box, craft high tier tools, including the games best Skinning Knife and Cleaver. And as previously mentioned, it makes some of the best weapons and armour in the game, such as Silent Leigon armour, and T3 weapons from Shrines. So while it is not required, it is very helpful, and highly sought after. Plus they are such a cool event to behold.


Thanks for the info.

Hey there,

We’ve sent word to our team regarding how difficult it can be for meteors to show up, particularly in single-player-coop.


Well thankyou kindly for that Ignasis. I am just really happy and relieved that they finally made an appearance for her. Its funny, it was like reliving the excitment of seeing my first meteor again. I have no idea if they are intended to appear after certain amounts of time have elapsed in the designated areas or if it is purely random. But if you feel that it warrants further investigation, then thankyou very much.


It’s random, after a certain period of time. :slight_smile: Problem is, on dedicated servers this isn’t much of an issue as they run pretty much all the time, but for a listen server you have to be playing for the server to be running AND you have to be around that area, thus making those showers a little more complicated to show up.


It would be helpful if we had some Admin settings for fine-tuning meteor showers. There are sliders for weather severity, for day and night - give us some sliders to change periods and probabilities for SP. I can trigger meteor shower with Pippi command, but lots of console players can not use any mods - and don’t have any settings for such an important game mechanics.


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