Fragments of power and its uses

yeah, was just a suggestion, maybe hardened steel instead. I prefer Acheronian picks for the same reason, just easier to “count” on when needing.

I consistently see two or three starmetal nodes north of the fozen lake north of mounds of the dead. A bit dangerous around there, but consistent star metal.

Pippi mod allows you to spawn meteors storms at will (PC SP).

Sorry, Official PvP server.

You’re welcome to come visit us at Conan & Chill West Coast (we have east coasters too with low ping). We’re just a bunch of old chill guys that like to adventure and build together - friendly admins and discord for offline chat. Give us a test run.

I’ll gladly send you more info if you want.

Shadoza is absolutely right here Zerog, and eveveryone else too. It is a whole other ball game on Singleplayer. I also play only Singleplayer Offline. While it sounds like you could trip over it on official servers, it is an entirely different story for us. You have to basically park your character there in the western side of the frozen north, then wait around for, as Shadoza said, 40-90 minutes for it to spawn in. Furthermore, everytime I log off then back on, the countdown timer seems to reset itself. As such, for or us it is quite possibly one of the rarest, most precious resources in the game. I started a thread detailing this not long ago. You can read more about it here if you like.

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This is true. However, I often dont have an hour and a half solid to play, and ride out the countdown timer. You guys are really lucky.

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In that case, what I’d do it disable hunger and thirst when the game detects you are AFK, park your character and a bearer in a safe spot, and then just leave it running for a few hour prior to when you expect you’ll be able to play. By the time you get on and are ready to play, there should be plenty of meteors lying around for you to harvest as they only despawn shortly before the next meteor shower is imminent.

Just make sure to keep explosive arrows, a bow, and a high-yield pick (like composite obsidian with the tool upgrade) on your person.

With a truncheon I d prefer danlisia … way more skilled wielding 1h weapons… and way more resilient than thugra…

Fragments is maybe the best way to stop reseting ur feats.cause u simply wanted to craft 1 useless decoration u left unlocked, or 1 armour that u had mot unlocked… it is the best thing they introduced since official release… they r also highly tradable for the ones who r willing to obtain em… if u have more than enough, trade em for simple tasks thus helping ur server/clan…

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Dalinsia or Captain are way better than Thugra - but way harder to get for low-level solo player. Thugra is some temporary trade-off: get him and after that go and get someone more powerful together :wink:


True, for a low level

i did 12 fragments yesterday, had to work on a 2nd building that will need a rework, will give them away when i got around 100 of em + boss loots

larathiel, off topic.

idk whos flagging me for sayign that starmetal is off topic in a fragment of power topic but it is off topic. want to talk about starmetal metal? please start a star metal topic. larathiel im not doing this willingly but i do find it weird that i get flagegd for this xD

Have you considered playing single-player and taking your time to level? Just enjoy the game instead of trying to max everything out ASAP.

For example, I’ve played a little over 700 hours, and have yet to enter the Well of Skelos. I’ve walked near it and then left the volcano. I spent more than 500 hours with my third character before trying to take on Hrungir of the Frost. I just recently went after The King Beneath. After the update a couple months ago, I started a fourth character and yet to make a new base in the Noob river.

EDIT: I’ll probably start a new character after this latest update. My current character hasn’t even reached level 60.

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Not sure why you’re singling me out. Given the timestamps I’m seeing, I was probably still composing and editing my reply to Croms when you got in a quick reply asking us to start a new thread. (I seldom get my replies complete in a single edit.)

As for why you got flagged, maybe folks thought you were being rude. You were also getting into it with more than a few people upthread (Internet boasting is seldom super-relevant), so I guess there’s always the karma factor. :man_shrugging:

On the plus side, you’ve now got a sort of Inception thing going on so that’s cool (I guess)…

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There’s nothing unbalanced about fragments of power. If you spend 100s of hours farming them, you will soon have no use for them. If you min/max every aspect of the game, you can make any content trivial, and it is quite easy to do so with the current gear and thrall escalation. However, very few players go to the extreme that you did, and so I do not think your concerns apply to very much of the game’s population.

im actually a casual, due to an irl condition i have alot of free time on my hands until end of may.
not hundreds, the respawn timer in UC is around 15 minutes per bosses…

larathiel, not intentionnal and truely sry about this. as i tryed to repost my thread since its not the first time in this thread that i get flagged for offending people on how i ended up talking about a little balance issue on frags.

on an off topic notes , guys feel free to slap my hand on this one, they havent fixed lava and water being 2 totalyl deadly things

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