New recipes in Unnamed City

Does anyone know the total number of recipes you can now learn in the Unnamed City? I want to start using fragments for feat points but not before I’ve learned all the new recipes. So far I’ve got 15. Thanks.

Although this update isnt out on console yet, I would also really like to know this in advance. Bump. Anyone?

I believe there is 19.
So far me and my wife have 18 each. As a clan we have them all now and almost a full set of spares.

Be aware that you’ll need a fragment to craft most of these items except waymarkers and merchant signs.

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Can someone explain me what are we talking about in here?


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Just Horse posted a video where he counted 19 from the Unnamed City, plus one more for the Improved Climbing Gear recipe. I currently have all of them but the Venom Infused Daggers and War Axe.

EDIT - While doing research for another thread in SP, I can confirm the 19 recipes. If you’d like to see them for yourself, open the Admin Panel, toggle it to Miscallenous or whatever and search for Scrolls.


Thanks pbcop82!


@Bryan_Skull Unless I have missread myself, the coming update to the Unnamed City has brought about the addition of new recipes (19 in total?). These are purchased from the shelves containing scrolls, in The Archives, where The Archivist first teaches us the ‘Cartographer’ feat. They are purchased using newly added artifacts called ‘Fragments of Power’. However, Fragments of Power also serve a second purpose. If consumed (here is the good news for yourself), they will provide an additional 10 extra feat points each. These are permanent and not lost when respecing using the Yellow Lotus potion.

What Bj5773, myself and others wanted to know is the total number of new recipes available, so that once we have all (19 for example) of them, we can start consuming the Fragments of Power to start gaining extra feat points. This way we would not be wasting them by ‘spending them on recipes we have already purchased’. If that makes sense…!?

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How do you get fragments of power? And are they respawnable?

Apparently they are dropped by certain enemies around the Unnamed City after the update. Im not certain if they are respawnable or not, as I am a ps4 player like yourself, and as such, have not played this update yet (its only on pc at the moment). If so, it means you will basically be able to gain as many feat points as you wish by farming, and subsequently consuming Fragments of Power. Sound good?

That throne of power I wonder what it does. The cost and repair wouldn’t make sense if they not rspawnable.

I have no idea. That is actually the first i have heard of it.

I’m pretty sure all the placables are just decorations. I finally got all the recipes and last night I farmed more fragments so I could start building some of the new stuff. If I find anything different, I’ll let you know.

You been farming. Do fragments respawn?

The bosses that drop fragments respawn. You can kill the same boss over and over again for multiple fragments.

What bosses drop them and where do you find them map pic please?

youtube is your best friend.

recipoes in the archives, you need fragments of power that are dropped by bosses

You want to watch this

and this
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first video is not very accurate, but i wil lleave people to figure it out , :slight_smile: