I'm confused (Library of Esoteric Artifacts)

So, I thought my main character had all the 28 recipes from the Library of Esoteric Artifacts from the Exiled Lands, but some other player told me that Funcom has added several. Is this true? I looked it up on the Conan Exiles wiki but it is hopelessly outdated. How many recipes are there now?

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They say yes, now there are some more new recipes with 2.3 update.

Do you know how many in total?

in exiled lands i know for sure we got fast elevators as i got em
not aware of others

They say about colored candles as well.

I did a few runs and this is what I got. I’m up to 30 now in total. If they added Fast Elevators and colored candles to the 28 already existing that would indeed make 30 … Unless there are more and I didn’t have enough fragments.

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