Library of Esoteric Knowledge order

Has anyone documented the distribution order for the library of esoteric knowledge yet?


I don’t think there is one really. I mean as far as I know, it’s just RNG, unless your looking for a probability chart or something, heh

I am STILL waiting for that damn fast elevator receipe…

Not yet, but with the coming Chapter there will be.

This one wonders if there will be issues if someone already has recipes later in the new stack, but is missing early ones.

While a positive change in general, this one worries about the implementation.

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Crampox, With AOW ch2 there will be a set distribution, no more rng. You will always get the recipes in the same order. I was hoping someone had mined that info.

Maybe if the fast elevator is a 100th one in a row and you want it. It wont be such a nice change, since you will need 100 fragments of power.
Also you not getting the ones you already have.
So you cant give it to friends.

I think they should still be random. But with first getting the ones you dont have yet.

Thanks for the info.

Hrm, I guess I’ll be redoubling my efforts then.

With all the duplicates, I literally have my own personal esoteric library.

1.Table Leg
2.Reinforced Stool
4.Bindings of the Dead
5. Practice Swords
6.Serpentman Statues
7.Kingscourge Statue
8.Decorative Grindstone
9.The Glasser
10.Merchant Sings
11. Throne of the Skellos
12. Colored candles
13.Venom infused 2h sword
14. Venom infused pike
15.Whirlwind Blades
16.Venom infused sword
17.Skelos armor
18.Fast Elevators
19.Tablet of Power
20.Essence of Rot
21.Venom infused war axe
22.Faux Taxidermy
23.Dead Leg
24.Havoc and Malice
25.Venom infused daggers
26.Yoggite chosen mask
28.Petrified egg
30. Battle Spatula


Thank you! I’m surprised BOD is so early in the list but not surprised they put kiln nesr the end.

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Now if they would do the same with the schematic fragment recipes.


My partner and I started a new save. He got Throne of Skelos first, then Glasser. I decided to try, the set order had changed, or gone back to randomization and, of course, I get Bindings of the Dead for my very first scroll.

Will have to check and see if it’s now smart loot (which would admittedly be better) or if it’s just the same old original code that was completely random.

My clan mate and I also checked and got different order, so while we may not get duplicates, it seems like the order is different for each player :slight_smile:

I can also confirm the order is random and that you don’t get duplicates even if you haven’t used any of the recipes to learn them with said recipes in your inventory.

Now I’m wondering if you turned in the fragments but put the recipes in storage or gave them away instead of using them would you be able to get them again. Guess that’s my next science project unless someone beats me to it.

I reached the end of things to unlock in Library of Esoteric knowledge, there are 35 things to unlock, so nothing new there :slight_smile:
And no you cannot start over, when you reach the end you can no longer use the library, it counts with the recipes that you have recieved so make sure not to lose them by learning them as soon you get the recipes :wink:

Actually I learned 7 or 8 of them elsewhere in the world without using fragments of power, so not really 35 :wink:

Another stupid thing that didn’t need to be changed.
It was random it was exiting you never knew what you will get and if you play the game you always been getting fragments of power and that you could use to get recepies.
All the duplicates you could give to friend or another clan member.

Now its boring and you have to be careful, if you dont read the scroll right away. You risking it never know it

That is… unfortunate. Thanks for the info.

That’s really good to know.

I wrote a small Mushi script that allowed players to trade an esoteric scroll back in exchange for a fragment, essentially to return duplicates (only two of us play on our server so 7 colored candles or even 7 bindings of the dead meant 5 were just tossed on the ground). But it also meant you could take colored candles, exchange it, and then attempt to get a scroll you wanted more, if you wanted to deal with the travel involved between the npc who did exchanges and the library.

If the game ticks “hey you got this” the minute you get the scroll vs checking against your learned feats, that would be unpleasant if one of us wanted to exchange scrolls only to never be able to get it again. Will have to disable that script next time we play on that setup.