Unnamed city receipe

hey there,

After spending easily more than 30 shard in the black library, i still didn’t get the last furnace receipe.
Do we need special requirment like being 60, or it’s just about luck?

As well looks like you can’t keep the scroll in chest, they disappear after a day, but i don’t see any decay timer, is that happen to someone else?

It’s luck most likely, took me forever to get the Serpentman statues. And I haven’t had any decay in chests as far as I know, have about 20 duplicates stashed.


it’s funny, i got this serpentmen statues many times from the beginning, so i’ve to be patient.
i’ll check again for the disappearing scrolls, might be my mistake.
Thanks for your answer

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Just luck I’m pretty sure.

I’ve had my duplicates (and triplicates etc) in a chest for a good week now, and they’re none the worse for wear.

I just read all my duplicates as soon as I got them so I got rid of them. It took me over 40 fragments of power to get all recipes, which isn’t statistically a bad result.

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Oh no, i didn’t know u can get duplicates. Bleh I have more RNG to look forward to. I really want that furnace, I bet I will never get it…lol

Might need a mod for it one day :stuck_out_tongue:

May I suggest trading with others (if your server has any level of cooperation), odds are someone else got doubles of something you want and vice-versa.

Finally got it in my last run, after 10 bottles in a raw.
Yes, it’s purely random, and care to the addiction ! :laughing:

Haha, yea I think I will be farming that place on a daily basis. Just got to work out what gives me those thingidymagigs to get the recipes. Went with my gf and we got a total of 3. She got 2, i got 1.

Also can’t trade as its just 2 of us on our own server. But trading does sound like a great idea if u can do it.

whats the best way to collect the power nodes? are the mini bosses that drop em able to be soloed?

The bosses drop them. I suppose they can be soloed, I use a Volcano T4 fighter and let them do the work.

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As outlined, yeah it’s the mini-bosses, there’s a fair number of those around (red mother dragon, serpentman, wight boss, two skeleton chiefs, the bat boss… did I forget any? probably!). And yes they can all be soloed with the right gear/skills and a thrall. Doing it without a thrall is probably doable, but sounds like it’d take a long time. There are also relic chests with power fragments, though they appear to be rather rare (or more likely someone else usually gets them before me :wink: )

The Red Mother is pretty easy to solo, since her attacks are very predictable and easy to dodge. But she has the hitpoints of an aircraft carrier, so it’ll take a long time and you’ll probably get hungry (both in game and in real life) before she drops.

The white bat is also easy-ish. It has the same attacks as a regular bat demon, and dodging them isn’t difficult (although harder than the Red Mama’s).

The armored skeletor bosses use swift weapon combos and have a long reach, and they have little skeleton friends with them. I wouldn’t want to face one on my own.

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I feel like the undead bosses are much easier to take out than the dragon because I can get closer to them without worrying about a tail-slap to the head. Lately, I’ve been carrying BP’s Lodestone (since it weighs nothing) to sunder away all of the boss’ armor while my thrall goes ham with a high-DPS weapon. Seems to be working quite well as long as you can read the boss’ weapon combos.

The easiest ones are definitely the Albino Bat Demon and the Undead Serpentman, because they don’t use weapons. The Red Mother is tedious, but if you use a thrall to tank her and you use Venom Infused Daggers, she will drop pretty fast. All the Undead Kings/Wight King are a pain because they are only interruptible with a shield block, so if they start a combo, they will always finish it and they travel a LONG way from start to finish. Also, because you can’t use bleeds or poison. The one called The Watcher in the Admin panel is the hardest, because he hits like a truck with that 2H warhammer, it has a large hit radius, and you’re fighting him on top of a tall platform so there isn’t as much room to dodge.

There is video on Youtube - he kills the dragon which lives in some broken gallery. He climbs on some shelf on a column and kills this dragon with poison arrows… he doesn’t even get corruption.

Yes, it is 100% possible to climb up on architecture and just arrow the dragon to death.

so iv been soloing them all, they all seem easy (i ignore the dragons)

the recipes you get from the fragments, you can get every single recipe yeah? or is it just set ones?

they also need to make it so that if you read a duplicate copy it does not use the bit of paper… thats going to be alot to remember…

The issue with the dragon is not that she’s hard to kill, just that it takes a long time. And honestly now that you can just go kill a named Relic Hunter to clear Corruption, it’s not even important to avoid.

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im not avoiding the dragons because they are hard etc, just get enough fragments from the rest of the bosses…