Unnamed city receipe

im not avoiding the dragons because they are hard etc, just get enough fragments from the rest of the bosses…

If you get a Cleansing Brew recipe at the Mounds of Dead you can take some with you…

My point is you don’t need to. The Relic Hunters around the Unnamed City drop the Heart of the Hero, which cleanses corruption. And you should be clearing those camps also because eachbone has at least one chest with a chance to have gold or silver in it, either bars or coins.

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Hi all, I noticed the post topic and was/am curious what this is. Apart from the Map room and many things to kill I have never really found much down there and what do I do with these stones of power?

Where are you acquiring statues etc, and how please…?


They added a whole bunch of stuff to unnamed city. Lots of mini-bosses and such. They drop Fragments Of Power. When you have these in your inventory then click on the massive scroll bookshelves in the Archivist room, you get a random recipe. There are 19 all up I believe, and some of those are what people are referencing statues from.

Totally random what recipe you get when you activate the scroll bookshelf. For more info on where/what bosses check out the wiki:



Thanks a lot mate, will check it out… :slight_smile:

  1. Get Hearts of the hero. Eat them to remove corruption

  2. Get Spinas the Merauder (put him in black legion. Dye it white and cimmerian blue. He performs better in those colors. Give him a blade of the adventurer or a venom infused two hander until you get a sword of Crom. Then equip him with that.)

  3. Bring lasting meals or something that feeds and keeps you hydrated.

  4. 1 stack of 50 purified water.

  5. posion gas arrows and Serpentman arrows. Dragon bone works as well.

Red Mama goes down quick with this. Hes ez pz.

This also works against every boss except those using poison. But essentially you use the bow to get Spinas going. You sneak up behind and hit them with sword attacks.

The skeli bosses have good armor. Use armor pen weapons on them. I like the lying B Sword.

Bat demon is easy.

Get shards galore and be happy!!

My Clanmate taught me all of this.

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@Hexsing better get light red armor and golden gloves + shoes for extra life regeneration.

Bosses in unnamed city are too easy anyway.

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For the Skeleton bosses, what I’ve been doing is to equip my thrall with the highest DPS weapon I can get (Sword of Crom is the preferred choice), while I keep a 5-stack of Sunder on the boss with Baal-Pteor’s Lodestone to negate their armor. My preference for BP’s Lodestone is the fact that it weighs nothing, so there’s no hit to Encumbrance.

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All are viable options

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