Library of Esoteric Artifacts Receipes

I have done the Vaults over and over again and I have found most of the Esoteric Receipes, some more than doubled times. Except from the Serpentman Statues, Gravedigger and the Petrified Egg. Are these three Receipes even available on Siptha, has anyone found them yet?

I have found Gravedigger and the Petrified Egg. I believe someone on my server has the Serpentman statues as well.

I have the Serpentmen statues

Ive found the Pertrified Egg. I also presumed most if not all are available and im glad to see some evidence that they are!

Serpentman Statues found in my world of Siptah. So far neither Gravedigger or the Petrified Egg. Still waiting on that RNG.

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