Library of Esoteric Artifacts recipes in Isle of Siptah?

Hi all, my question is where to find the recipes from the Library of Esoteric Artifacts that appeared on the other map: Lands of Exile? for example the recipe from Merchant Signs or waysigns, Im really interested in learn to make those beautiful wooden advanced signs with illustrations of different jobs/trades and those way signs, so different from the traditional wooden signs that seem typical of a humble shack.

From completing one of the 14 vaults spread around the map, in the last chest after you’ve killed the boss.

There’s around 40 recipes of which you have around a one in 10 chance of one being in a chest. You’re also able to receive duplicates. Have fun…

This is quite the long term grind. No denying it. Smart move, if a painful one. in EL, I can get the full library completed within a day or two. I’ve been running vaults on and off for a couple weeks now (recently came back to try Siptah) and I think I have 3-4 of the EL library recipes.

I want the damn shovel!!! I just know it will be the last thing I find. It makes me a little crazy to discover all these places where I could potentially dig and discover something and I’ll probably never get back to it again, once I have the shovel

Thank you very much for the answer, I am going to complete dungeons until I find that recipe, I need to craft those nice advanced wood signs.


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