Esoteric library recipes

Since the Conan wiki doesn’t provide any information on the Esoteric Library recipes on Siptah I’m having a hard time trying to determine whether I have all the recipes that are currently available. Is there anyone with all the available recipes who can take a look at what I have right now? If there are any missing I’d appreciate it if you could point them out. Thank you!

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hello, there are 23 diffrent recipes from the tower of siptah.
you can cheak them in this video: Tower of Siptah: All New Items & Unlocks from the Menagerie - Preview | Conan Exiles: Isle of Siptah - YouTube
sorry i dont have a list of all 23 items, but pixelcave mention’s them all in his video.
Also there are 12 additional recipes that you can get from end chests vaults
here is the recipes from end game vault:
DeepSeaFisher (improved fish traps)
AncientLemurianAloeExtract (Infused aloe)
AncientLemurianBandages (Infused wraps)
DagonsBreath (Breathing potion)
Mountaineer (Climbing gear)
SpecialistArrowsIV (Firespark Arrows)
WitchDoctor (undead pets)
GrandmasterArmorsmith (Master armor attachtments)
GrandmasterWeaponsmith (Master weapon attachments)


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