Anyone found the glow stick recipe in Siptah?

So the Siptah map is pretty new for me and i have no idea where’s what or if it’s random from the library now (I’m on Xbox) or do we have to wait until transfers are available on Xbox to get the recipes in exiled lands into siptah, looked all over online and there’s minimal info

As far as I am aware the recipe is unavailable on Siptah. Gonna have to bring it over from the EL.

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Ah gonna be a bit of a wait then for my beautiful blue lights, thanks for answering

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Summoning pool random recipe

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This man right here! Promote this man!

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Which figurine? My understanding is that it is not even spawnable through admin on IoS and is therefore not available to be obtained there. Big if true.

I dunno i got it first day when early acces went out, but looking how everyone is acting now i think maybe its sure is not obtainable anymore, it was like first scroll i got in vaults, but based on that summoning pools should act like all recipe spawner now, like i got bestial potion and skellos cultist, even some weird scrolls for religions there, i just assume its random scroll drop from pools, cause its liike 800+ recipes i tested in singleplayer by killing those beasts and one then gived me also that abyshmall recipes, ( or then maybe i think about different torch then ) but siptah has glowing goop and also bones, soo

well there is low chance that it was maybe bug drop because well in first week in ea i got also godbreaker that later was removed…

For pools so far atleast in singleplayer test it was 800+ recipes 4 hours random drops… 1 was the dredger feat… thooo imagine luck u need to get one special recipe

Example, i killed 230 statue monsters until i got damn bestial potions…

If its still there then its in random monster drop from summoning pools , IF its still there… because see godbreaker is not there anymore… :smiley:

There is no Dredger scroll or Glowing Stick scroll spawnable through the admin panel so its highly unlikely it exists.

well yep, checked again - no glowstick anymore :C just like godbreaker, well thats sad also sorry for mislead info then :frowning:

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