Torch glowing conan exiles

conan exiles siptah torch glowing does anyone know where to learn or have to find the formulas in the fragments

U have to get em from randomness of schematics or vault recipes

i actually do not have the recipe, but guessed its there… @Wolfrider4594 is right though… u cannot even spawn the dredger in admin mode…

so still hoping that there is there , (but to avoid misinfo , do not be sure about the schematics)


Really ? I’ve strong doubts about that. It’s impossible to spawn it with trhe admin panel. Every recipes from the Exiles Land that can be acquired on Siptah can be spawn with the admian panel too, emotes included.

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I always refer to wak4863’s video on the subject if I am unsure if a recipe drops via vaults. I don’t think they mention the glowing torches, but it’s Monday so I could have just missed it lol.

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I’m very grateful for the help but I play on pve where I don’t have access to the administrator even so I’m grateful for the help but I think this had to be learned in a biome

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Unfortunately I don’t think the glowing stick is currently obtainable in Siptah. Do you actually have it @Ragnaguard?

However, if you are very confident in your combat ability, you can locate the Red Mother at H4/5. There are a lot of enemies there, but she has a chance to drop The Final Breath of The Red Mother.
Be sure to place a bed roll close by, and bring some spare fiend sigils just in case! Try to kill the small dragons first.

Good luck!


i do not have it and i really want it , … misinfo from my side i searched what @Wolfrider4594 said and he is right!!!
But on the other hand waks is the ones from vaults , not schematics…
also he can hunt the malestrom light in the black harbor bosses (also a rare drop)

Also a good tip for the red mother , if u want her to loose aggro on u there is a very small pond nearby… use it to swim

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Ah yes I forgot about Maelstrom Light

I don’t use torches anymore :joy:

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1st time I hear about this. I need it, it’s a lot better than any other torch, red mother’s one included.

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I say just go get the breath of red mother torch. It last for 168 vs the maelstrom’s torch only last an hour!!

Red mother is in the far south. Good luck farming!

hello good afternoon thank you very much for your help today i got my torch


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