Glowing Torch and Radiant Gem

Just was wondering if the Glowing Torch and Radiant Gem was going to be introduced to Siptah, since all of the ingredients are already available?

Server transfers will soon go live (soon can mean between 1-399 days).
You’ll be able to bring the recipes or even torches with you from another server.

I managed actually to build quite a few radium torches on Siptah, you can build the witchfire powder (ingredient to radium gem) from glowing essence which drops in various places.

You could also get witchfire powder by using a pickaxe on the Dead Wrights at the center or in X’Chotl

Radiant Gem torches are obtainable on Siptah, since all the ingredients are able to be harvested and it is in the regular feats, but the glowing torches I have not seen the recipe as of yet. Supposedly, there is an undead dude that drops that recipe in the NE part of the island. My memory may be faulty on that, but I think I remember seeing someone on Utoob get it from an undead boss up by the docks on the main island in the NE.

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