Glowing Essense

I was playing the new 3.0 update, and i find that i need a lot of glowing essence for the last tier of the tome of kurak, but i really dont have idea where i can create or get it, so im stuck there. and im playing on the isle of siptah map.

If I remember correctly you can only craft the glowing essence from the dredger recipe you earn on the exiled land map from the first dungeon The dregs, might also be a recipe received from the schematic fragments on siptah. To get the potions themselves they tend to drop commonly from mobs and found within chests.

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Go to the Dregs and go inside the dungeon and swim down into the water filled holes (many have a small flame on them that doesn’t hurt you). Collect the blue plants at the bottom of these holes with the E key (default keybind) , these are Glowing Goop.

i forgot to say that im on siptah

@Esfiron if you are near Sepermeru you will find glowing goop in the oasis all around the island

i have a lot of glowing goop, the problem its i dont have idea about where or how to craft the essence

Listed above “ingredients”: Alchemist benches (sorry the text is a bit dark and maybe hard to see/read as I copied the image from the Conan Exiles - Wikipedia ).

You combine the Glowing Goop and the Aloe Leaves together in an Alchemist Bench that you have to craft and that will create the Glowing Essence that you need.

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If I were you and needed a few more I wouldn’t waste my time with getting the recipe. I would just search npc encampments. A few trips and you’ll have the amount you require. Also, since I know you’re using them to make witchfire powder checking chests also provide you with those directly as well. On siptah I would probably recommend checking out The Ashen Core, it’s directly south of the ruins (big green blot on the west side of map). That area has a ton of chests and npc’s to kill, I would suggest putting a wheel of pain nearby and farm some thralls while your farming for glowing essense to make it a more efficient run.

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