How do you craft Glowing essence?

How do you craft glowing essence ? I have glowing goo and aloe plants but cant find glow essence to craft it, it says hand crafted.

10 goop
2 aloe
if they didn’t bork it.
Hope this helps
Looks like they did if not in hand craft section.
I get from loot drop from NPC’s

I have to goo and aloe leaves but dont see it in my inventory of craftable items, where do I craft it at ?

It you need to learn the recipe from the monolith to the right just as you enter the Dregs.

You need to do the dregs mission just when u go to dungeon stop b4 the water and watch the ghosts,touch wall and you get 1 potion and 1 new torch.
you do not need to go any further.
go on if u like
Good Luck

ok quick question… where is the Dreg?
o 0 I see it at the end of the mian river.

Thanks all

yes.also glowing wall torch and stand torch