Glowing Stick in Siptah

Hello stranded,
where can i find recipe for glowing Sticks?

Im guessing you cant. Might be trapped in rng recipes, but i have not seen one person with it since september. For the record, i want one to.

You can get a cool blue torch from wight boss at north east docks.
Haven’t had glowing stick. Would also like the recipe to make glowing essence (right now have to rely on loots)

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not blue green torch the maelstrom light,

it is more similar to red mothers breath (which u can obtain also in siptah ) , but i prefer the glowing stick also.
has more steady light so less tiring for the eyes and burns when underwater too…

Edit: i also want it to be applied or to know if it is in the rng recipes (name of recipe for glowing torch in exiled lands is dredger)

I checked Admin panel and there is no recipe for it

Yeah its one of those recipes that are missing on siptah. There are a few others, most of them related to exile dungeons. Which is why alot of Siptah players wanted server transfers for going back and forth to learn recipes and get missing ingredients.

I hope that will be changed.
Example, you can now learn every dance (and much more) by reading the notes u can spawn in admin mode.
But i don’t want spawn in the glowing stick, i wil play regular.

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