Glowing stick missing in Siptah

A few weeks ago I transfered my Exiled Lands toon to Siptah. Started to get acquainted, then started building. Made a glowing stick to start exploring at night. Then I realized I could not make a new one despite the fact that I learned this feat at the Dredge in EL. Now I’m stuck making generic torches that don’t work underwater. What gives?


@Ragnaguard, you did a lot of these server transfer tests, did you loose the recipe on the way?
@FullMetalMadcat did you use by accident the feat potion? There are several reports that they are bugged and you loose knowledge you shouldn’t.

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No, the feat was previously acquired at the Dredge last winter, and I was capable of crafting glowing sticks and glowing standing sticks but for about two days. Then, when I wanted to make more the ability was gone from my hand-crafted panel with only the regular torches remaining.

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Well that’s bad, I am really sorry m8, I don’t know what to say :man_shrugging:. People here run tests but they didn’t stay to long, I will summon @Frillen too. Frillen, how long your transferred character stayed in Siptah?


Being able to make it for two days makes me wonder what could have changed from before to after. Is it possible there was a server reset during that time?

There’s another thread trying to work out some elements of these lost feats (though in those cases yellow lotus potion seems to have been involved - so might be a different issue, or different parts of the same issue) - link here:

@Narelle might the difference of FullMetalMadcat’s experience also be useful data for your investigations?


Sounds similar to the other two. Feats were there until a potion was taken.

@FullMetalMadcat did u drink a potion to reset your feats?


Yes I did at some point. It was after I discovered that I could not make glowing sticks anymore. I thought the recipe might be somewhere in Siptah but everyone I asked about this knew nothing.

yes in all my transfers the feat remained.
now i have my main character transferred at ios so i can get all recipes that r on the island and in vaults at EL…

so promoted a member to clan leader , he got me kicked off the clan and transfered in ios… all my EL recipes (even the ones that i got from ios delving bench IN EL) were preserved…

keep in mind that i did not respec my feats (i have all unlocked so no need for those) or my attributes at all… i may not have the otimal build , but i am in a build that i can handle almost anything and be full enc (my usual build that i use in EL… )
only diference is that i brought the glimmermoon in IOS instead of the lemurian axe i use (i can craft this in ios as i have the feats from the sunken city), which will prob be my permanent weapon in EL as well, as after this patch u can have glimmermoon (or any other glowing weapon) hanged at ur back and it glows making stuff like harvesting at night or climbing a real joy…

this glow also shines around u when u climb or do anything!!!

and this adds a great immersion in weapon story and also in usability!!


Ok, but the ability to make glowing sticks isn’t a feat you can reacquired when you respec, it’s something you learn from a tablet at the dredge, so it shoud not go away if you respec. Also, this feat, or this recipe, is nowhere on Siptah.

What’s the solution then?

The recipe goes away due to bug of the yellow lotus pot, this was happening on Siptah for some time now. Solution…you might have to transfer back to re-learn the glowstick.


Exactly what @Kent said. If you need someone to join your clan until you return in Siptah I believe you will find volunteers here.

Don’t want to transfer back to EL and lose everything I built in Siptah. I’m in a clan but unsure how to proceed. This situation would better be resolved with a patch to correct the bug, or to put the recipe somewhere in Siptah.

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To be clear @FullMetalMadcat, the recipe DOES exist on Siptah, but it is locked behind soo much RNG that your chances of it dropping are something stupid like, 100,000:1. Don’t get me wrong, I agree that the ‘best’ solution is for the devs to correct the bug, but holding your breath won’t get you that recipe back. At least if you transfer back to EL for a day, like @Kent suggested, you are guaranteed to get the recipe. Best of luck to you.

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I don’t think so. The recipe doesn’t exist in the admin so it’s impossible to spawn it. You can spawn as much glowing stick as you want but you can’t learn the recipe to make it and repair it that way. While all the recipe that spawn on Siptah exist in the admin panel and can be spawned that way.

Maybe its locked behind the schematics fragments…

Plan a bit ahead… Get with u what u will need, leave clan, transfer character to EL and then do a run for all recipes u may need to have from map…

During my transfer i got an armour set, a spinas , an armourer and bs that can craft legendary repair kits, some benches and 30 black ice blocks to craft a platform to sustain me just enough to get all recipes in ios… I guess the whole proccess will be ready by Thursday/Friday…

U will do just a recipe run, so no need to play there… Just go , get recipes and get out

Maybe. I didn’t try to spawn shematics fragments yet. I don’t really understand how they work and how you get them in game.
There are other recipes that can’t be spawned from the admin panel, like the Daggers of Dagon and other weapons you learn in Dagon’s dungeon that need Dagon’s Scraps to be crafted. As far as I know you can’t get them on the IoS.

Dagon scale can be obtain from the big fishmen near and inside the vault. I gotten the infused aloe potion recipe only to find out it heal lesser than the concentrated aloe potion :sob:.

There’s 2 fishmen vault : Harbor of the Drowned and Harbor of the Twice Drowned. I did the 2sn but not the first and didn’t get any Dagon Scale but a lot of scraps with another name that I don’t know how to use, but I kept nevertheless because I hate to waste loot. :wink:

U occassionally get dagon scales from flotsam boxes as well