Transfer Question

In an effort to achieve balance against another clan who uses siptah gear, I have been transfering back and forth. However I notice my feats get removed when i come back to the server. Example. When i transfer to siptah i have the dragon bone weapons/armor. however when I transfer back to exiled lands I lose it and have to pick it up again. Is that normal or is there some aspect im missing?

Did you respec between the transfers? There is a bug with the respec potions.

Repec after i transfer? perhaps that is it ill try not to

Happened with me upon return in exiled lands from ios (after going there to get recipes . Note : character’s main server is exiled lands)

I noticed though that i lost delving recipes (which originally belonged to ios). I did not use no respecing potions at all, so issue is not only related to this.

Devs need to check if recipes that r lost r random or not…


Uh oh, losing delving and other recipes upon returning? I assumed these types of reports were due to respecing character with lotus potion. If not, this is a big deal! =/

Aye, I reported that problem when I lost EL feats after transferring to Spitah. The problem occurred when I used a yellow lotus potion. Apparently it’s been looked at.

Only delving recipes. A note that is clear to my 1st post is that this happened after i transferred back, whilst i learned these recipes in exiled lands through delving BEFORE i go to ios for 1st time, and i retained em in ios , but lost em upon my 2nd transfer that was rerurn in my original server (this character has no other transfers so far)

As i mention alsoabove no respecing potions have been used at all. So the problem is not only respecing potions related, but also uploading and importing a character from a server to another