Transferred character lost all feats from exiled lands when drank yellow lotus potion in siptah

Just transferred a character to sever 6106, drank a yellow lotus potion and lost all feats from exiled lands.
Black Ice Weapons
Kingscourge weapons
all 3 silent legion armors
all religions (only one I didn’t have was zath)
pirate clothes and cuisine
deep sea fisher
serpent men weapons
specialist ammo 4
all food recipes

Already reported, drink Potion of Bestial Memory instead to reset attributes points only and keep feats.


that doesn’t help fix the problem that actually exists now, any useful comment on fixing the problem?


You can not fix the problem, you have to get the feats again. I have the same problem after my first transfer.

Next time use Potion of Bestial Memory until the bug is fixed :slight_smile:

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And now I ask me the question:

Why did they (Funcom) not test this?


@AxeIsAnnoying , Maybe if you were their manager or director, they should answer fair and square to this question. We are players here, we have the right to ask, to dream, to share but in no way to tell them how to do their jobs, especially speaking for me that I manage construction buildings, when I have this kind of questions or demands from clients I always have an answer, not an excuse, an answer, but I cannot and I don’t want to answer to the whole family of my costumer, why this thing is not done yet. The most reasonable answer to these kind of questions is because the priorities were others. Every company follows a program, every employee has a task. Sometimes the problems solved faster than the program and some others fail the timelines. This happens to all the companies no matter the objectives. If you are working in a company, you will surely understand what I just told you.
Cheers :+1:t6:

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Their desicions, their playerbase, their image.

Players on this forum are so god damned cruel.

A player has his progress WIPED and the best people here can muster is “You should have known about this bug”.

Gee I wonder why no one is playing this game.


It’s not a bug, it’s a feature :joy: :joy: :joy:

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Keeping those feats is really the only appeal to me for a transfer and to not create another character instead. I’m laughing because what happened to him (and countless others) is so bad yet kind of right on par with exactly what was expected. The character may as well have been deleted, and that sucks.

I would hope that solving this will be placed right at the top of their priorities just under solving the duping issue also introduced with transfers. Oh, you mean deleting 1 item from the game would solve continued duping and they know what it is and still haven’t removed it? …Whelp, eff.

I think Conan Exiles is the ONLY game I have ever played where I worry that if I do something that the game is designed to do, it may flat out delete my progress.

And it has. I’ve lost thralls for no reason. Thralls that had four walls around them. And it is SHOCKING to read through this forum only to have my fears confirmed. Players losing progress, thralls dying, being banned for 0 reasons, items disappearing…

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