Lost many recipes gained on Siptah, while in the Exile lands and wondering if there is a way to get them back

So yeah, I drank the potion to reset my feats after having traveled by server transfer to the Exiled Lands. I noticed not too long afterward, many of the recipes I had gained in Siptah were no longer listed. Most notably, the Grey Ones stuff, of which I had all of it. Since the Grey Ones items were learned from interacting with objects in and around the pools in their city, it is not possible to admin them back by spawning recipe scrolls into inventory.

My question is: does anyone know of a way to regain those recipes through admin?

Yes, I know they are no good without the forge on Siptah, but once this server transfer debacle is ironed out and transfers go back to a reasonable time period cooldown, I would like to go back for a week or two to visit other clanmates (we have two private servers, one for each map and travel between them) who reside there and plan on making some Grey Ones stuff to bring back and I really don’t fancy the idea of grinding through the Grey Ones city again for each one of those recipes. And they can be repaired in the Exile Lands with Legendary Repair Kits.

Thanks for helping.

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Do you use yellow lotus potion?
If yes this is the reason.

Yes, I certainly did.

Most of the other recipes that I had were available in scroll form, so they are not any problem admin-ing in, but the Grey Ones recipes were all from interacting with an object and I was hoping that there was some way to regain those without having to go back to the Grey Ones city and other bases that I found them. I mean, I am reluctant to use admin for anything as it is kind of cheesy, but I think this is a legit reason for the omnipotent hand of admin to step in.

I think you can’t give yourself abilities beyond things like god mode and speed-walking. You can spawn items in from admin but you can’t “spawn” abilities and attributes like I think you’re thinking about doing. At least that’s been my experience.

I think you can spawn “scrolls” of various siptah receipes as an admin , maybe not all the ones like the grey ones which are indeed learned interacting with their respective objects , but I recall (it’s been a little while though ) seing most of siptah receipes as scrolls in the admin panel section to be learned directly … all i can suggest is to go through the list and try to spawn anything that may be a receipe ( and tossing out afterwards the things that were not a receipe )

Yeah, I looked through all the scrolls and recipes in the admin panel, no luck. I think the only way to get those back is to go back to the island and interact with those objects. I suppose spawning in those objects might be an idea, but I have no idea where to start when it comes to that. Didn’t see them in any lists.

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