Need some help with Siptah items back to exiled lands

Greetings guys

I need some help because as i transferred my old exiled toon over to Siptah, brought a couple of t4 thrallls and end game benches but i left it be and i failed to make it back before decay and my stuff got stolen except what i had on… Sooooo the thing is, i wanted to learn all recipes through the delving bench and around siptah and bring it back to the exiled lands with a couple of stacks of eldarium on the server i played most on exiled lands where is my other toon is in charge as we speak.

If anybody could offer me a chance to house me within a clan or just help me getting recipes on a siptah official server, i would appreciate it and offer the same on the exiled server at my base, recipes, armors, all sort of stuff people might need.

(My exiled land base on #1045)

If anybody interested helping me out on this request. My discord #Blueey4669
(also it is on pc and in case i won’t reply as fast here, i might on discord.)

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