Server Transfer Question because of knowledges not in admin panel

So i know its a disabled game mechanic at this moment but my primary question is going to be the obvious when will it be re-enabled reason being the feats from the vaults in siptah among many others are not currently in the admin panel for console and i myself am wanted these items in exiled lands for build. Any comments are appreciated. Any help getting these items on a Playstation server are even more appreciated.

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They’re working on it, but there’s no ETA on when they’ll be available again.

As for the admin panel, are the feat scrolls missing or the items themselves?
PC player, so I can’t check that myself.

If you’re playing with the admin panel, check the box that says learn all recipes and the box that says learn all spells. This should give you everything, including siptah if you have it unlocked. If it still doesn’t, use creative mode. However, this obviously doesn’t work on official servers. That’s the main issue with lack of transfers.

The knowledge items for the elder vaults are completely missing without the transfer function there is no way to have the vault weapons and armor on exiled lands. however all the delving table recipes are available for obvious reasons.

I have it on my singleplayer stuff however i am on a server that i am not admin on and was trying to get these recipes from the admins on there and did the research and ground work to find out the knowledges are missing, the lecturn is able to be placed but it isnt one with the feats.

That’s the issue. Only way to get these is to touch stuff on siptah. Admin has to give you the rights to do it, which is dependent upon their trust in giving you access to the admin panel. Probably not gonna happen if you don’t know them well. The only way around this is having one of them join your clan temporarily and placing them for you. Once placed, you can move them just like any other object. Unfortunately, having access to things like management of a convergence trap is dependent upon knowing the recipe. Otherwise, it’s just a fancy monument.

Yes however that was also the case with the exiled lands with the feats from dungeons on there however they still had it all in the admin panel and i know for instance on pc the item ids are there and it gives a item but on console psn specifically you dont have the ability to run a command line to spawn said items. I know this is going ti divert the forum but is there a way on gportal anyone know of for a admin to do said spawn items for psn?

Yeah, items can still be spawned in and placed like they use to before the construction hammer, but as I said, if you don’t have the recipe for certain items, you can’t use them. Though, this really only applies to things like the convergence trap.

But do the lecturns for the drowned and all the kther elder vaults have peaceable versions in hammer all i saw was the generic one from siptah it looks like the item but wont give you feats

Peaceables from the vaults are all crafted in the artisan bench, not the hammer. Also, they require decayed eldarium.

No, those cannot be spawned by using the admin panel.

The gear that they teach can be spawned, but you’ll only able be to get it with the default stats.

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