Can somebody help with an item id?

So there are item id’s for things admins can place like the obsidian forge, frost smithy, and forge of the first men. Does anybody have the item id’s for the lecterns at the end of the vaults from the Siptah map? I would like to use them for a server but can’t find info on them anywhere. I know you can use the “learn feat” console command, but would like to be able to give players the ability to learn it without making everyone an admin.

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What are you playing on Xbox ps4 Pc. By the way welcome to the Forum. At this point I don’t have answers but if you can bring those things for yourself in admin I would think you could make copies for your players and place in a unlocked chest. I have left plenty of recipes behind on my wife and I servers

Thank you for the welcome to the forums. Im playing on Xbox.

For the vault armors and weapons, i know i could always make a few chestfull of the items with the t4 thralls and players could use the in-game currency we established to purchase them (thats what we are currently doing atm). I was hoping to get the item id’s so they would be able to only have to purchase the eldarium since admins and myself are running an Exile Lands map, this way we dont have to turn on server transfer and players wouldn’t have to wait 48 hours to bring their characters back. I saw it was done on a previous server (which no longer is running) but the owner has politely refused to share the info sadly.

Do you seek info how to spawn a sigil from admins mode panel?
Just press sigil I guess and search in the four categories of the panel. There is no recipe for sigils, they are not craft able, only obtainable. So you have to gift them as they are, like legendary weapons for example.
Type the word sigil and all of them will appear, fix a chest for each and gift them piece by piece.

No not looking to spawn sigils, looking for the item id’s for the vault lecterns that teach the feats for vault armors and weaponry

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I will try to find their names the soonest possible. Give me some time. Meanwhile look in wiki Conan exiles to learn the name of each vault. When you obtain the knowledge you gain for example goblin armory, so by typing goblin, normally you will find recipes like goblin armory etc…

Sorry, I couldn’t find anything, only the armor pieces or weapons, no recipe… Sorry

I have searched the conan exiles wikki and have had no luck on the lecterns themselves only the feats and armors/weapons. I was able to instruct the admins on the console command “learn feat” and the respective id’s for the vault armors and weaponry ( wolfmen, goblin, ect). Im just surprised no one has put the id’s for the vaults in. Was easy to get forge of the first men, frost smithy, and obsidian forge.

I have been able to place the frost smithy, obsidian forge and forge of the first men no problems on single player. I always test it there before putting something like that on the server. I know they have an id just cant figure out what it is. And like i said in a reply to someone earlier i know they exist because a sever i was on for exiled lands had em. Im sure someone will eventually disclose them lol

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If I run across it will happily share. Just woke up from a nap will do some digging.

can you teach me how to do that?

Is that what you’re looking for?

Obs: Look at the bottom of the page.

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No but ty, that will help with other things. Those are used to summon specific surges.

Yeah, use the console command

summon item 18511 1

It will put the item in your inventory and will look like a pouch. The only way to remove it is shift+delete

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wich console command? do you have that on xbox? i mean, how do you use console command? Are talking about the regular one, at the right of the screen? The one you tap itens names i.e: iron sword

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i’ve tried, it did not work. PS4. Hope thats isnt trolling us lol
ps: i tried on regular admin panel

Im on xbox
You have to use a keyboard

i do use a keyboard. Can you be more specific?
What key to press to open console or are you talking about the regular admin panel?
PLEASE, do a step by step, bro

im on xbox, and can confirm the items on the list i have tried spawned. some fail to spawn, i assume those are because either DLC, or other promotional items i dont have access to.

  1. Plug in keyboard
  2. pre what ever key you have bound for opening command line. mine is ’ next to the enter button others it will be the ` by default i think. called the tilde key.
  3. type spawnitem 18511 1
  4. spawn item is the command
  5. the 5 to 6 digit number is the item
  6. the last number is the qty
  7. then press enter
    it doesnt always work on all items but will give you an spawning error if it doesn’t work.