Basic Conan Recipes

Playing on a modded server here.

We were going to start farming for some recipes that had a very specific requirement that was not super hard to get in the Exiled lands, just took a small bit of time to farm for and then to make the components. Corrupted stone.

One of our mods calls for it on the server we play on for a recipe we’d like to use to decorate something with. We found some early game, but since then haven’t run across any which originally didn’t think would be a problem but obviously is now that we know we need it.

Any hints on where to get it from in game? Other than just putting a suggestion up for the owners to give us the recipe from the server.

I usually find these in vault runs, either the mobs will drop them or they will be in chests. Thusly it makes killing every mob worth as opposed to rushing to the end boss for the final chest rewards. Sometimes even the creatures outside of the vaults will drop them. They are on the rare side to obtain.

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Can confirm, vault runs will get you corrupted stone. It is super rare though. You will want to loot all of the chests and monsters.

I speculate that the center area has the same loot pool in the chests (excepting eldarium), therefor perhaps you could get it there?

We loot for the powder of corruption which drops in both the mentioned places. (Skeletons are cool).

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If you get the cartographer feat (possible drop from killing mobs), you can make it yourself.

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