Absinthe recipe location?

I can’t find the absinthe recipe anywhere I’m onps4 can anyone help please

It has been a while since I found it now Chaos, but here goes. It is one of the drinks learned through ‘Specialist Brewing I’. It is located in the SE corner of ‘The Den’, around the campfire with the dancer and taskmaster thralls. Hopefully this will help.


Thank u that does help actually confirms things I found so there in lies my problem I’ve gon to the den picked that recipes up an I still don’t have the recipe on my fermentation barrel my wife got that recipe as well for some reason. It’s not showing up were on official server 3520 online thank u for ur help

No problem Chaos. And if it is indeed bugged, I would follow up by creating a thread to report. Im curious, is it that ALL of the recipes contained in ‘Specialist Brewing 1’ arent showing up in your brewing vat, or just the Absinthe specifically is missing?

Hurrah all go he recipe was missing my wife got on tonight Anita just there now so maybe I had to get it an turn it off again tor it to pop on wierd but I’ll take it thanks again for the help any ideas on what the sand beast bike glands do can’t find any where what they do

Sand beast glands …Apparently nothing … I’ll try to find the reference where that was confirmed and link (on phone a t m so it’s slow to do)

Thanks to SirBowen for his diligent bug reporting…

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As Kwalya pointed out, they dont do anything. YET. If memory serves ne correctly, Ignasis recently dropped a subtle hint that they may be given a purpose in the future. However dont hold me to this, and any should feel free to correct me on this if I am mistaken.


Thank u guys for being so clear an crom I’ve read ur comments before i think i can easily say ur a trusted scource for info thank uagain

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Well thankyou for the kind words Chaos! I try to be as helpful and accurate as is possible. Ps- If you get the chance, I would still hoard a stack or two of those Sandbeast bile glands for later just in case, for when/if the time comes (I know I did).

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