Sand Beast Bile Gland

Is there anyway to aquire them on siptah, or are the venom-infused weapons recipes included in the vault drop table just to tease us?

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Yes there is. It’s called Convergence Trap and you can learn how to build one by reading the recipe at any Leyshrine.

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Ty so much I’ve been scratching my brain on this. I have some traps but its only ever run for a single maelstrom.

So far convergence trap has given me basic junk, not worth the cost.
Still hunting for a way to get this bile gland if someone knows pls let me know.

Do you have actual proof of getting sand beast bile glands from the Convergence Trap or are you just genuinely guessing?

With a lot of time control magic, teleportation and item duplication, I have gotten Alchemical Base, Bark, Black Ice, Brimstone, Coal, Composite Obsidian, Dragon Bone, Dragonhorn, Ichor, Ironstone, Khari Steel, Potent Compost, Shadebloom, Star Metal Ore, Stone, Tar, Wood.

Thousands of minerals, bars and bones but not a lick of a gland. I’m not too sure about that.

Hey there,

At the moment there is no way to obtain Sandbeast bile glands in Siptah, at least without requiring major RNG luck or admin powers.
Our team is aware and in the future we’ll either add a way to obtain this resource, or weed out any recipes requiring it from the Isle of Siptah map.


Oof. Could we please not? :slight_smile:

I was so excited to get some of the venom-infused recipe scrolls from the vaults, I would really hate to see that effort go to waste.


Make those sand Zombie dogs drop them, or the demon dogs in the storm.


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