Sandbeast Bile Glands

So with the CtA patch, we got our new recipes and some require a Sandbeast Bile Gland to craft. I am really struggling to find one. I’ve read posts and talked to players that claim verious places where they exist or can be farmed. None are producing anything. SirBowen made this post about it, saying that nothing dropped it yet, except a special event at one point. No use for | Sandbeast Bile Gland ( ID: 14196 )

My question now is: With the CtA, has anyone figured out where these drop? I would love to track down one or two to craft my new weapons.

This is not a Voltile Gland, Sand Reaper Toxin Gland or Serpent Venom Gland.

My guess would be those sand beasts (which will have to have its loot table adjusted). They spawn outside the desert temple where the keystone is assembled if I remember correctly.


Labelled on the map as “Sandswept Ruins”.


Ok. I did kill a ton of those, hoping for the drop, but had no joy. So I guess people that have made those new weapons that require the gland were doing admin spawning of them on solo or dedicated server versions of the testlive CtA? I may do that too, just to try them out. I really prefer earning my new gear, but if it isn’t possible, I’ll spawn it, test and destroy.

Probably correct since the beasts were still reporting to ‘not’ drop their glands yet (as of January). I know when I was testing them, that’s how I was able to do it (Admin spawn in single player).

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Thats true. One could stack up on these glands on live ever since full launch.

Really? I didnt kill them anymore…

You can or could at least in the past harvest a few glands per want beast near the temple in south east. Don’t know if this has changed, though.

What kind of recipes are using these by the way?

The only few i saw was looted from npc.
And they are spare indeed.

Didn’t get out to look for especially, but sure, didn’t run in any otherwise.

Those new poison infused weapons use them.
You will need to trade in quite a few fragments to get the one you want - or you are lucky.

And yes, they inflict poison on hitting an enemy…
Yep… daggers too…
Each weapon got 7-11 damage if I got that right in my mind…


Dismantleing Ichor produces Sand Reaper Toxin Glands

Correct. Very low damage numbers, so hopefully that poison stacking will be really good on world bosses. If not, they go on my wall for decoration only.

These are completely different that what we are talking about. What is needed for the weapon is a sandbeast bile gland. Only that exact wording.

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