Sandbeast Bile Gland missing from the game

Hi, not sure this is the correct section still:

The Sandbeast Bile Gland (needed for Whole the new poison venom weapons) is not in the game, it dropped only on meteorites event an year ago, and Sandbeasts do not drop it, could it be added to the game?


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i dont look postit in Trello board :wink:

I just went to poke at a couple of sandbeasts yesterday, and after almost getting murdered by the monsters I murdered them back and harvested them with a hardened steel skinning knife. Got a couple of glands.

I don’t know how good the new poison is, but getting those glands is a bloody effort. Where was Conan when I needed him? Boozing and wenching, I bet.

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sandbbeast in sandwept ruins? we pick them, and nothing… we’ll try again then

sand bile gland is usefull for new weapons recipe from unnamed scrolls

I tried today, the sandbeasts are dropping it now!


yes, yesterday i went and with obsidian knife, every sandbeast drops 1 bile gland :wink: Only there are 7 beast, but glands exists :wink:

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