Now that we get a lot of these glands since yesterday it would be nice to find out what they are used for?
Has someone managed to figure it out?

i would assume it’s a rare drop from the sand reaper beasts lurking east of the starting area, but i don’t recall having gotten any glands by harvesting these demons.
Any answer would be welcome OFC :smiley:


I do not recall what they are used for either, but I was thinking it was a potion. Since I do not use potions it sounds right to me that I would not recall using it.


Yeah i think it might for a very strong poison, it might also not be implemented into a recipe fromula yet too, i have no idea…
Thanks for your answer shadoza.


They’re not used for anything.

You can also get them from the dogs that patrol that sandswept ruins.


Actually there is another source to get them. Try killing those beasts at the sandstorm ruins - or rather where the sandsstorms are headed to. The NPC for the scourgestone is over there as well. Ever tried harvesting those demoncats or whatever they are supposed to be?

I’ve been wondering since full launch what we would do with these.
Edit: Mh I should have read all the answers first. Sorry DarthRamos


they are or were used to make reaper poison hence the ability to mod a weapon ability to do damage.


That’s a different gland that makes that, well 2.

Serpent Venom Gland and Sand Reaper Toxin Gland.

The Sandbeast Bile Gland has zero use.


Try too eat it :rofl:


Next I go in game, I will attempt that!

If I die, I will come back and yell at you. Not really, I’ll have a good laugh over it.


:rofl::smirk: Ive its not work try grinder or fluid press the red lotus as exampel you put in grindern and then you can use the powder


Thanks for your responses guys.

good idea !! will do.


can’t eat that apparently.


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