No use for | Sandbeast Bile Gland ( ID: 14196 )

Doesnt know if this is intended or a bug. So just a report to take a look at.

At the Halloween event 2018, we recieve some Sandbeast Bile Gland (ID: 14196) as a reward out of the meteorites, but there was no use for it, so i forgot about it completely.
Now it jumps back into my attention when working with the Official Conan Exiles Wiki.

The datatables shows that the Sandbeast Bile Gland (ID: 14196) CANT drop at the moment, because there is no NPC with the correct ID ingame. ( item drop from ID ‘NPC_BigCatSB’ )

I guess:
The Sandbeast Bile Gland (ID: 14196) was intended to be a rare drop from the Sandbeasts ( ID ‘NPC_SandstormBeast’) who are roaming around the Sandswept Ruins and known from the CE-Trailer, to be an rare alternate for Volatile Gland (ID: 18188) who get dropped from Salamander and Exploding Imp for making Demon-fire Orb or Ichor. But there is no recipe like this so far.

Would be great if you take a look at this.

So in short:

Greetings and Happy New Year to all of you amazing peoples.


Hey @SirBowen

We’re aware that there is no use for the sandbeast bile gland…yet.

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