2 questions please

(1) Is there a comprehensive list of what makes what and ingredients for making it? For example Grinder + Stone = Salt?

(2) I did a mod mismatch and lost alot of stuff on single player mode. Is it possible to get it back? I have gaurds floating above my building looking really silly.

Thanks in advance

In the CEWiki each recipes for each workstation are detailed, which and how much ingredients, the outcome, the time to craft.
Go here : https://conanexiles.gamepedia.com/Conan_Exiles_Wiki

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For the missing items the easiest option is just to admin panel it. Or at least turn on flying to get the guards down.

Open settings, make yourself an admin, then open the admin panel and you can spawn anything in game. Technically cheating, but super useful to counter simple mistakes, tech issues, etc that can cause losses.


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