Where / How do you make spice now?

Normally it worked at the Firebowl Cauldron but the recipe was switched to the Alchemists Bench the Wiki says (https://conanexiles.gamepedia.com/Alchemist’s_Bench). Since it says Tier 1 I guess you need a T1 alchemist?
I took a Darfari Witchdoctor and put him on that bench but I still can’t produce spice, he only enables the throwing orb recipes.

What am I doing wrong right now?

I’ve never been able to make spice at the firebowl cauldron, I’ve always used seeds or plant fibre in the grinder.


It worked with a Witche Doctor, you put bark into the cauldron and then he was able to make spice out of it, seems to be not working anymore.

before the update it was only for people who had a purge alchemist , I never used it much though so haven’t been looking for it , but it seems like they fogot to implement it in the changes

Did you try just putting seeds in the grinder?

i made spices by simply placing plant fibers in the grinder…

Ok, then it seems like the wiki is incorrect that you can craft spice with bark at the Alchemist’s Bench?
Guess I’ll go for Plant Fiber in the grinder then, need to farm lots of it because of seeds for oil anyway.

Sounds like everybody’s right :slight_smile:

You harvest spice on the planet Arrakis, known as Dune. You know, when Funcom releases the game. It’ll be a big crossover between Conan Exiles and Dune, and a huge relief for Exiled Lands chefs when the spice flows again.


Using a sickle to harvest plants has often given me more than enough to grind down into spice.
As for seeds, most seeds can be ground for spice or pressed for oils.
Sure it can be tedious, but it’s not beyond being able to handle.

Dogs of the desert and black hand guys usually have a pretty high amount if you are more of a fighter type and not a harvester.
I’m talking about guys around the Black galleon not the ones at Buccaneer’s bay. However they have rare spices.

Yes I noticed that as well! Farmed them for quiet some time and got a good amount of spice.

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