How to Craft Hide After Update?

Before the update we could take Hyena Pelts or other light animal skins and turn it into hides (Same goes for Heavy Hide). After the update it looks like it was taken out of the Armorer’s Workbench. Any idea if this was intentional and moved somewhere else or has this just been completely removed?

There is a new crafting bench called the “tanner’s table”. Check there to convert pelts, make hardened leather, etc.


You’re a saint.

but i dont have the feat points. and my improved cauldren cant m,ake yellow lotus potion?

Yellow lotus and other potions are now made in the new “Alchemist’s Bench” stations. If you already have the feat to make a regular cauldron, you should be able to make the lowest tier of the new “alchemist bench” as it is under the “firebowl cauldron” feat.

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Go get some fragments of power and you 'll have more than you need :wink:.

yes i understand that, but it doesnt resolve the issue of having zero recipies in the cauldren

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This is another story my friend, still you can always make a thread complaining about it :wink:.

dont want to complain just want advice

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@Wak4863, has beautiful videos about isle of siptah on YouTube . He knows how and if you obtain the tablet of power, or how you will get easy fragments. Watch some of his videos, you will love it :wink:.

Once again, the potions are no longer made in the cauldrons. They are made in a bench called the “alchemist bench”.

FUncom missed the boat by not giving a respec with such a big change in machine use.
During the blue moon we had so many fragments of power, we boosted our feats to 2k. Now we get to use them. Well still have lots left over. Need more machines.

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