Cauldren recipes where have they gone

i have an improved cauldren. i want the next (new) level cauldren. i want to make a yellow lotus potion but cant, so i cant reset my stats. am i missing something here. or is this catch 22?

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There’s a new alchemists bench where all the potions are produced.

I think I answer you to another post, go to unnamed city collect fragments of power, consume them and you will have feat points for use. Still the best way is to learn the tablet of power, but start consuming the necessary points and when you are ready we 'll speak for the rest.

im on isle of siptah

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i see thanks. however my build is for harvesting and to get fragments on isle of siptah is not as easy as on conan. and i cant make the new benches without the points

Just to clarify, are you saying that you have zero points left to spend on feats but you never purchased the feat that allows you to craft the firebowl cauldron?

The great that allows you to craft the basic firebowl cauldron should also unlock the basic alchemists bench.

yes i had the feats and the improved cauldren. since the update none are available. and no points to unlock the alchemy bench. or does that unlock automatically?

I think it should unlock with the same feat that unlocks the basic cauldron.

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The feat “Potionmaker” is a different feat than the Firebowl Cauldron. Potionmaker feat opens up the Improved Firebowl Cauldron which is necessary for making potions. It costs 12 fea tpoints. So if you, like me, have no feat points, we can’t get the Potionmaker feat to make the yellow potion needed to reset feats.

That is simply not true. The feat Firebowl Cauldron can be unlocked at level 15. It allows you to craft the Firebowl Cauldron and the Alchemists Bench. Crafting and placing the Alchemists Bench will allow you to craft the Yellow Lotus Potion, which will allow you to reset your feats and attributes. I am literally looking at this right now in CE, having reset my feats and only having purchased the feat I mentioned above. I can craft the Yellow Lotus Potion at the Alchemists Bench. I do not know where you are getting your information, but it is incorrect.

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This is exactly the reason we, the ps4 players, becoming useless in this forum. We don’t have siptah, we don’t have new crafting stations, i believe that in 2 months the game us we know it will change 30% and we will stay where we are. Sad.

Enjoy The New Game Experience

We are afraid to go back into our main toons, dont want to lose anything more.

thanks for all your help guys.

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