Crafting and repair problem

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[After taking a drink for killing a big, glowy eyed Hyena, the second drink seemed to cause a reset and now I can’t craft or repair at the tables, alter or from inventory ]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Kill big glowy eyed Hyena
  2. Drinks appear in inventory
  3. Drink 2
  4. Can’t craft or repair from inventory, tables or altar

Hi there that drink reset your feats points you just need to redistribute them. Next time you see those potions read the fine print. Have fun. @Tpjazm


Sestus2009 is correct Tpjazm. Those potions (potion of bestial learning and potion of bestial memory) are used to redistribute Attribute and Feat points, allowing players to respec their character. You will still retain the same number of points you had previously, they just need to be reassigned. You can also learn the recipes to make these potions yourself at the Firebowl Cauldron. If you would like to know the NPCs location then just let me know ok. The yellow lotus potion also does the same thing, however it resets both Attribute AND Feat points simultaneously.


No help at all.


Not you, the other guy. Yes please give me the recipe.


I don’t know the recipe off hand .Do have a character that does but I am sure you would need to personally learn it your self to make it in the fire bowl cauldron. You learn it from a beast in the area of the Den. I am getting ready for work can’t fire up the ps4. Did you get your points redistributed


@Tpjazm - there are three potions available that reset points - Yellow lotus potion, which is learned automatically when you learn Firebowl cauldron, just requires 10 yellow lotus and resets feats and attributes. Potion of Bestial Memory and Potion of Natural Learning each reset one category and require a special feat to learn (for more details click on the spoiler section below).
Please note, these details are on PC - but I believe are the same on PS4, hopefully @sestus2009 can confirm when he has more time :slight_smile:

The recipe for learning the two potions is called ‘Midnight Alchemist’ - it is learned by talking to ‘Child of Jhebbal Sag’ at the ruined building in the east of D8

recipe for Potion of Natural Learning (reset feat points) -
1x water-filled glass flask, 3x yellow lotus, 10x raw ash, 3x bonemeal

recipe for potion of Bestial Memory (reset attribute points)-
1x water-filled glass flask, 3x yellow lotus, 10x raw ash, 3x blood

I hope that helps :slight_smile:


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