Yellow Lotus Potion not working!

Since the new Age of War update I have noticed that I can’t reset my attributes or skill points with yellow lotus potion. I crafted and consumed a potion but no reset happened. Anyone else experiencing this?

Try to read the patch notes OR at least the description of the potion :wink:


Yes, we are all very much experiencing it indeed :slight_smile:
TLDR, they turned yellow lotus to a regular elixir and added bestial memory and natural learning to the base alchemy knowledge without the rare ingredients needed, so use those.

Ok so those potions is what I need to craft to reset my attributes or can we no longer reset them? I hope that’s not the case as I had mine set for decorating and building before logging off last night and now cannot get them set back to a combat load out.

You use one of the other potions. One resets knowledge and one resets attribute points.

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Yellow lotus will now regen stamina. And now we have 2 useless potions, yellow lotus and hebal tea.

Ok got guys! Thanks for all the replies! I appreciate it. I didn’t get much time to explore the potions when the server went down for maintenance so had a mini crisis, :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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