Ate Flesh of Remembrance, but NO Shadespice recipes

Issue: I’ve gone through Midnight Grove twice, killing Werewolf & eating Flesh of Remembrance. Notice: “new recipes learned”.
I’ve built a Grove of Jhebbal Sag & installed a Jhebbal Sag High Priest, so I can make ritual knife, harvest Sacred Blood, etc BUT I cannot get Shadespice recipes to show in my advanced cauldron with an Alchemist 2 or 3.

Any advice?

P.S. I’ve logged off & on again; checked my feats page, I’ve learned Bower of JSag, etc, but NO Shadespice recipes anywhere.
Not sure if this was an issue with new update b/c I just finished Midnight Grove after.

This may be just a shot in the dark, but have you checked the regular firebowl cauldron?

I think the flesh of remembrance just teaches you how to build the shrine. I’m 90% certain I’m seeing the shadespiced recipes in my cauldron and I haven’t even gone to the dungeon yet. Learned Midnight Alchemist, but haven’t used the potion.

You might also check the search function in the feats tab. I’ve found some feats that I either didn’t see in the regular trees or that simply didn’t show (i.e. the wooden targe recipe)

Thank you for the suggestion, but I did think of the same thing yesterday, like needing both armorers benches, right.
So I built a regular fire bowl cauldron but no luck seeing the Shadespice recipes. The only thing I’ve yet to do is go back to the Jhebbal Sag NPC in the Den to see if talking to him shakes something loose.
Strangely enough, when the Hallowe’en Event meteors rained shadebloom last Oct, I recall making Shadespice meats for greater pets. I’ve reset my feats once since then but not seen Shadespice in cauldron for a couple months.

Thank you, I will give that a try later also. I know Shadespice just showed up in my cauldron before, but after the last update who knows what?

I’m embarrassed to admit I’ve figured out my Shadespice recipe problem: I had forgotten that Shadespice is tied to feat achievement of learning the first animal pen. I had reset feats awhile back to max some needed armor & weapons but neglected animal pens.


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