Update Changes?

Did everyone else’s server just undergo massive changes? My Fire Bowl Cauldron with T1 Thrall went from doing all the normal stuff, to just 4 possible items. Other stations with T1 Thralls suddenly quit doing a bunch of things; Armorer’s bench can no longer turn pelts into hide. The perks from attributes also seemed to change which is annoying also. I don’t see any mention here of massive changes today? What happened?

Huge reorganization of the lists on the various benches. A lot of the stuff from the alch bowls are now in the alchemists table i.e. potions

Hardened Leather is on the Tanner Bench. That was the surprising one for me. Hopefully the wiki will get an update soon.

A large part of the recipes from the fire bowl couldron have been moved to the alchemist bench. You can find that and more new benches in your feats page.
For hides, there’s a new bench called Tanner’s bench or something like that.

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All info is in the 2.1 patch notes

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