Making oil has changed?

I was trying to make some oil in the Alchemist Bench. But I don’t see the recipe there. Has that changed in some way? Are we not able to do oil using 1 ichor and 1 bark anymore or has the recipe just moved to another bench?

You need a tier 4 alchemist thrall on the bench to use that recipe.

I do have that.

I genuinely don’t know what the issue is then, it’s working for me. Maybe it’s tied to one of the alchemy feats?

Yea, it must be something, I just can’t figure out what. I tried different named thralls and even relearned my feats. Only thing I can think of then is one of my mods messing it up. Time to do some serious searching then.

Thanks for the help, now I know it’s not changed or moved.

I’m told the you need Multigun. I haven’t tested it on the PC, but I have him.

I think Emberlight has a known issue with the oil receipe not showing !

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