Oil at the Alchemist Bench (PC)

Does it still work (on PC)?
I read, that one ichor and one bark will give you 5 oil at an alchemist bench if you have an T4 Alchemist working on it.
But I never get a recipe for oil at any Bench or Cauldron, no matter which T4 Alchemist I place at it.
Can someone provide valid information?

Working on PC.

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So, if this is the case, why does it not work for me? Can it be a mod, that runs on my Server, which prevents the recipe from working?
Or does my char need a feat to activate the T4 recipe?

Mods we run:
Hosav’s Custom UI
Kerozards Paragon Leveling
Immersive Armor
LBPR- assitional Features
Northern Timber
Underad Horse Mount Mod
Invisible Saddles
Map Room Teleport Crystal

no feature is needed
the recipe lies in the thrall . any t 5 thrall should have the recipe (witch doctor is the easiest to obtain in CE) so probably it is a mod i believe

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Try in single player without mod, admin mode, then may be active your mods one by one.

Working on official pvp eu pc too.

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My guess

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It was indeed Emberlight (my first guess also)!
I thank you all for your help!
Will have a look, if this problem is a known issue on their page…

The bug in Emberlight was fixed!

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