Orbs are missing?

Game mode: Single-player
Type of issue: Bug

The recipes for all the Orbs are gone (except for the Water orb). Where did they go? We need them to craft various types arrows!

Missing the ability to craft Gaseous Orb, Grease Orb, and Demon-Fire Orb. Can’t even find them when searching in the Feats.

on the alchemist table with any tier thrall you should have them

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Didn’t need thralls before…

Yes you did. You could only craft the non-water orbs if you slotted an alchemist of any tier.

Looks like it was the GCam mod that lets you craft the orbs without thralls. In their Greater Cauldron. I disabled that mod because it broke the icons of most of the epic weapons and armor.

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Alchemist bench, you say? My alchemist won’t go on the bench, just goes into the benches inventory. Mod issue, or a bug? In any case, I currently can craft orbs. My witch doctor has been hanging around contributing nothing to the cause.

it must be a mod issue

If you are running them, that may be an interaction between GCam and one of the follower mods (I always took that to mean probably Better Thralls) - certainly there was a known interaction issue that previously (a couple of months back) was affecting being able to use alchemists with certain stations that they should have gone into - I think it was noted somewhere linked from the GCam workshop page (probably in something like a ‘Known Issues’ thread, if memory serves).

Emberlight mod is currently causing the alchemist thrall to not attach to the Alchemy desk. They have it in their known issues post and it should be fixed in their next update.

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