Please make :Stretch Hide a T4 thrall option

Standing around doing nothing while I stretch 3000 thick hides is crazy. This should be a T4 specialty craft. Please make it so, thank you.


Crazy you posted this. I was literally just doing the same thing today. So time consuming.


Its give the tanner tabel ther you can do the stuff and put a t4 thrall in :face_with_peeking_eye:

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And also increased crafting speed in this matter for example?

I think that there was this option before, they removed it or am I mistaken?

I was thinking about improved tanner’s table before as well. I think it could be even more useful than just improved tannery, because of the need of layered materials.

I think it would also be good to allow us to convert regular hide to thick hide, like a “reinforce” option. I usually end up with lots of one and not enough of the other.

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I don’t think so, because tanner’s table is easy to build in materials. So there would no more be any need to farm bigger animals, besides the elephant and rhino hide for specific armors.

This won’t do, imo. Imagine cheese players to farm only exiles and hyenas and being able to to produce thick hide just like this .

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I think we already have that do we not? It is called Stitch.

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We do, @JJDancer . For a long, long time.

Never noticed that, to be honest. I’ll have to check again.

Edit: No, don’t see Stitch anywhere at the Tanner’s Table. It’s all Strip Hide, Entwine/Separate Fibers, and the reinforced hides/layered fur/layered silk.

Edit II: I see where I went wrong. I need an armor at the bench, not the tanner I have there.

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Exactly. :wink:

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Damn learned something new again. Thanks everyone. And Happy Holidays :blush:

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